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There's a new scam E-Mail circulating through people's inboxes that you should be aware of, ESPECIALLY if you are a Bank Of America client, or account holder!!!

This "official-looking" scam-mail bears the BOA logo, and arrives as saying "Your Online Account Has Been Blocked". You open to see this "official-looking" form, that tells you you must "confirm your account information" immediately, or your account will be suspended, or otherwise inaccessable.

he he he -These dumb-asses just don't realize that not everyone in the world banks with BOA, so this REALLY wasn't going to work on me. But, you Bank Of America account holders BEWARE!!!

-Call this posting my "good deed of the day".


(sarcasm here…) Yeah… -It isn't right what I do….

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Happy Monday To You!

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My brother sent me this pic, and it was too great to not post!!!


Also, my sister said she finally has audio on her computer, so I thought now would be a good time to repost some of my songs so she could find them easily!


Unfinished Business
Jim Nelson


Lost Within A Song
Music: Jim Nelson/Lyrics: Robert Lockwood, Jim Nelson


Jim Nelson

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My Top 100 Favorites, So Far… #’s 70-61

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Who's ready for some more music???

#70: Bad English – "Forget Me Not".

What a bunch of great songs they have on their 1st CD here… -My favorite was "Possession", but I only have this on cassette, and a digital transfer would hurt it's sound quality. "Forget Me Not" was my next favorite, and I did have a digital copy of it!


Forget Me Not
Bad English

#69: Rik Emmett – "El Cuento Del Gadjo". 

Live, from his gig last summer at our Canal Concerts!!! (-What a GREAT SHOW!!!) -This was shot by my friend Evilstang. It's from his "Two Troubadors" release. Thanks Evilstang!!!


#68: Warrent – "I Saw Red".

What a great song!!! -I used to play this song acoustically, on the beach in Florida!


I Saw Red

#67: Eddie Money – "I Think I'm In Love".


I Think I'm in Love
Eddie Money

#66: Billy Squire – "In The Dark".


In The Dark
Billy Squire

#65: Dokken – "Kiss Of Death".

Ah, soo many great Dokken songs to choose from too!


Kiss Of Death

#64: Def Leppard – "Photograph".

I was in 8th grade when this album went big. 


Def Leppard

#63: Bryan Adams – "Summer Of '69".

-Don't ask me why: No, I didn't "cleverly place this" at song #69. (ha ha ha -How juvenile!!!) No, my top 100 favorites list has these songs listed in no particular order. 


Summer Of '69
Brian Adams

#62: Communards – "Don't Leave Me This Way".

I'm not too sure who originally did this song (I think it was Thelma Houston, but I'm not sure) but WOW, what a nice re-make!


#61: Zebra – "Who's Behind The Door".


That's it for this week! -Be sure to check back next Sunday for #'s 60-51!!!

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Gloomy, But Not Doom-ey….

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-I heard a certain, famous, member of RUSH say, at one time…

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That Feels Better Some…

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Venting: It does a body good!!!

It does feel good to just vent what you REAlly feel like. -It feels honest, it hurts, it's not getting any better, but it DID feel good to just say it.

-No one knows what's wrong with you, 'till you tell them what's wrong.

My top 100 Favorites continues tomorrow, with #70-61!!!

-And, like I've said, many times before, there ARE NO swears in MY musiks.

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Jim Nelson, Knightraven, California Writer’s Strike Note: Uncounted

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As much as I dislike rap, I appreciate GREAT music, and you WILL hear some GREAT stuff here in the near future!!! I watched two "episodes" of P. Diddy's "Making The Band: Four" today, and gained a newfound respect for their music, 'tho NONE are currently on my list of 100 favorites.

-See, they actually played, and did, MUSIC rather than merely "running their mouth over a beat".

-Fantastic job there Diddy!!! -You friggin' ROCK!!!

Lionsgate (Saw 4) was one of FEW who reported a "settlement" of sorts with our beloved writers in California. I have this to say about their strike: Was I the only one, who recently purchased new DVD releases, and happily ran home to check it out… -And, was instantly disappointed to see that my "Special Edition/Director's Cuts" of these movies were missing a "treasured color-layout insert", that MIGHT have been there, had they NOT been on strike…?

–And, would have looked REALLY COOL with my PURCHASED MOVIE TICKET glorifiying the DVD insides…?

-Why are we paying EXTRA for these so-called "Special Editions", that REALLY aren't quite so special?

-Let's get our writer's back to work already, eh?

SPEaking of "back-to-work", and great songs… I "snuck out" this past Tuesday night, and freely "jammed out" with a couple of friends of mine, and a new friend. -'Tho we did not "roll tape" on our playing, we did a few MOST EXCELLENT made-up and spur-of-the-moment pieces of music, which is SURE to spur some new music out of me soon!

The music of "Jim Nelson" and "Knightraven" is on strike to recognize the California Writers Strike, but we "snuck out and played" this week. -SHhhhhh! -Don't tell anyone!

-These are the guys I jammed with!



-I ain't working just yet, but I PAY, and WILL WORK!!!

Also, I made the executive decision to disclude a certain song from my list of 100 favorites because, as much as I DO like the song, it REALLY doesn't qualify as a "favorite".

-However, I'm NOT afraid to post it here, because it WAS a GREAT old recording, was IMMENSLY FUNNY (-'tho RUDE…) and someone CURRENTLY deserves to have it said to them. -And, I'll tell you why… (Some…)

(-A MUCH DESERVED symphony for YOU MFR's!!! -PLUS, it was done by a female black artist in 1979.)

-I'll tell you why first.

For 17 years now, (and running..) the state of Flori-duhhh (-in all it's dumb wis-dumb) decided that any man who was behind on their child support should be negatively reported to credit agencies (-despite his past 8 YEARS of mostly-steady payments)… (-Yeah, I missed a couple of weeks in the past 8 years, but we're talking about YEARS now, and NOT a couple of "missed weeks".)  -They EXPECT him to just "shut up, and pay", per "Order Of The Court", deny him a credit card (-Which also ruins any chance of an instant online payment from him…) THREATEN his driving "privileges", Deny visits with "his kids" but "pay for it dude", mis-report the man's GOOD payments, FRAUDULENTLY double-bill him for what he was short this week, denied a passport (-even to see family members "just over the border" for any reason) and refused "decent employment", merely because the man is behind on these unjust payments to a lying, scumbag child-stealing whore, who lied and said she would be "my wife".

-They want to be paid for this injustice, yet they make it impossible for anyone to maintain decent employment after such "poor performance" out of me in their credit ratings, depite current, AND back payments for these past 17+ years, and all while denied of the ALSO Court-Ordered visits I was to have with these "kids of mine" once a week".

-Where does Florida "get off" on enforcing only HALF of a COURT ORDER???


-How does one PAY, when you prevent them from getting, and keeping, a decent job?

-Are you all THAT FN stupid, or THAT FN fraudulent in your lawmaking abilities???

-This is nothing more than EXTORTION, CHILD-STEALING and FRAUD!!!

THIS. -This is what the good TAX PAYING and STRUGGLING man gets for his good efforts. IGNORED, and uncounted, while  a "child, or two" of "mine" is taught how much of a "loser" I am.. -NO ONE wants to see the good, they just want to make a past, and present, look a whole lot worse than what it really was.

-Was I mistaken to complain to law enforcement? -Was I mistaken for writing to Senator Clinton, who isn't interested in justice? (-Wait a second… -Talk to the Justice department? -Don't you WRITE these stupid and unfair laws, Mrs. Hitlery?) -Was I mistaken to question the "policy" of Flori-duuhhh's "infallable" Child Support Enforcement "System"? -Was I mistaken to "rattle" Govenor Crist's Flori-duhhh office with this?

(-Heh -This, from my own beloved country…)

Oh, but it gets even better… (-Imagine that…)

Despite all of the crap that has been said about the Bush family, if it had not been for Florida Govenor Jeb Bush, I would not have had my driver's license restored onto me. -I think, at least SOMEONE listened to me, for a change…

-And, it was a REPUBLICAN who listened to my justified charges of FRAUD against Flori-duuhhh's injustices.

As a registered TAX-PAYING independant voter CITIZEN in this country, I'd vote for John Edwards LOOOONG before even CONSIDERING the childish bickering between schoolmates Obama and Hitlery. -Republican? -UNDECIDED as of this second.

-Do bear in mind that MY music has no swears, and my VOX written swears are minimal. -However, this song I'm about to play here wasn't done by me, but it TOTALLY expresses what I'm feeling right now toward these fraud-working scumbags in Flori-duhhh.

Yes, this song is for YOU bastards! -Enjoy Millie Jackson's "Fuck You Symphony", from her 1979 album "Live and Uncensored". -It was removed from my list of 100 favorites but ONLY because it really didn't make it into my top 100.

Hey Flori-duhhh…. PHUCK ALL YOU BASTARDS!!!! -As she says: A Symphony for you!!!


The Phuck U Symphony
Millie Jackson

Honestly speaking, I AM thinking and occasionally speaking like a downright-dirty dog, but recognize the FACT that I AM a LOYAL downright-dirty dog. -This song cussed FOR me, so I would not have to.

-Disbelieve my good ethics?

-Just ask my wonderful, and beloved wife of 10 YEARS what she thinks of me.

-'Nuff said today.

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Guess What I Found…

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Four days ago, I made reference to an old "song" I said I wouldn't post mostly because I didn't have it.

Well, guess what I found?

Also, I erronously said that I thought "They're Coming To Take Me Away" was done by Napoleon the 16th.

No, it was Napoleon the 14th.

-Enjoy this "blast from the past"!


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