But THen, The Judge Said…

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Months ago, I made mention of the problems I was having with a “neighbor” of mine.

5-month long story short, she lied (said I had said “something sexual”  to her, simply to get “her way”), I was arrested for a simple “violation” of some local ordinance for it, was ordered to not have any contact with said lying neighbor. -I THEN fucked up and said to them “Get The Fuck Off Of My Lawn” (Because she was teaching her kid how to run across my lawn in an effort to antagonize me enough into a violation of some sort) , effectively violating the Judge’s restraining order), got arrested AGAIN (THIS time, having to post a $500 bond to be able to go home which is two blocks from the police station AND the Court House.

WHEW!!! (-Takes a breath…) -go figure, eh? 

I agreed with my lawyer to plead GUILTY to “defying the Judge’s order to have no contact” by saying “Get The Fuck Off Of My Lawn”, in return for a judgement of NO fine and no jail time.

-Facing up to 1 year in jail, up to $1,000 fine and a 2 year restraining order for saying “Get The Fuck Off Of My Lawn”, I pled guilty to the charge, and was ordered to pay a $120 fine, do not get into ANY trouble LIKE A good CITIZEN) stay away from lying neighbor for 1 year, and defiance of the Judge’s Order will be DISMISSED. (-Meaning NO Charge on my record, which has been UNTARNISHED in 20 years, barring 2 minor speeding tickets.

-Will STAY that way IF “I’m GOOD” for 1 year.

Original charge of “saying something sexual”??? -DISMISSED.


-But THen, the Judge said: “Does your council have any comments?”. He said “No, Judge”. He then said: “Do YOU have any comments?”. I thought for a second or two, or three, then said “Yeah. -I just installed a 16 channel, Digital Video And Audio Recorder around my house so they won’t get away with a lie like this again.”.

The look on his face was PRICELESS!!!


-And YES, I DID install one. 16 channels (but only 8 cams came with it, so I am placing them strategically for the time being…) but records BOTH audio and video. -Other 8 cams SOON…!!!

NEVER AGAIN will some LIAR come to MY HOUSE, and even TRY to pull stunts like this.

-Well, at least it won’t happen again once I get the other 4 cams mounted…

Anyways, for those of my former VOX listeners: I will make my songs available for FREE listen again. -I am just not sure how at the moment. It SUX that WordPress has the NERVE to CHARGE ME for the “1-year right” to post my songs here for you to hear FOR FREE.

LOT’S GOING ON still. I will fill you in as we go along.

As for the white trash, disability-stealing, LYING-ASSED, LOSER “neighbors” of mine….

-Anyone got a baseball bat???


Have a good night.

– I’m simply TRYING to.

-But things are looking up…!

(slowly but surely…)


If All….

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If all continues to go at least MOstly well, I will purchase the “WordPress $20 Upgrade” around Christmas time (-Gift for myself for once…) so I can CONTINUE to share my ORIGINAL Musical Compositions FREE to you as they are created.

My Music Studio is in a NEED of MORE digital  Upgrades, and THIS is JUST the FIRST!!!

It kinda SUX because I REALLY wanted to share some of my songs with WordPress users tonight.


The Casino Bra…

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The casino brawl from last night felt like Las Vegas.

Some Lunatic’s Rant…

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Yeah problems.

I don’t understand how some parents would encourage their kids to run across a neighbors lawn, or teach them to throw things into a neighbors yard SIMPLY to agrrivate said neighbor?

Is THAT what is masquerading as “parenting” in this country?

The NERVE some “people” HAVE.

Saw 3D…

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October 29th, 2010.

One Short Church And Government Rant…

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What really is “Separation Of Church And State”?

Seriously, If The United States REALLY NEEDS more Tax Revenue, then leave Indian Tribes and those of us working people ALONE and TAX CHURCHES.

-Property tax ALONE COuld probably balance our nations deficits, not to mention revenue from the taxation on the huge stacks of cash they rake in on donations…

As they GLEEFULLY tell US: “What Would Jesus DO?”, and “Do The Right Thing.”.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see them help our country FOR REAL, rather than the daily inflated, self-righteous OPINION they want us to just “live with”, and have “faith” in?

Hello world!

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