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An Endless List Of Scumbags…

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-FREELY EXERCISING MY so-called CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to FREEDOM OF SPEECH… -Yes! There IS an endless number of ABSOLUTE SCUMBAGS to choose from, in this MAJORLY CORRUPT world we must live in… -But, in the interest of time-better-spent-on-other… I am JUST going to deal with TWO of those LYIN'-ASSED scumbag LOSERS today.

(-Whether they LIKE this kind of negative Press, or NOT…)

Scumbag Enemy #1:

Summit Educational

500 Essjay Road

Williamsville, NY 14221

       Being a school for Autistic kids, One would EXPECT BETTER from their teachings and general "philosophy" in this neighborhood, but I've come to discover that they (LIKE MANY OTHERS in This Corrupt World)  are in NEED of some schooling themselves!!!

       If you are teaching kids, you NEED to begin with the BASICS: -Pick up your feet and learn how to walk more properly!!! -But, it seems to me that they at Summit would MUCH rather DRAG their feet, than learn how to pick them up.

       When someone brings to your attention the FACT that things can be done BETTER, more efficiently, and MORE cost effective, shouldn't you LISTEN???

       NOT at Summit. NO ONE wants to hear about ANYTHING that's wrong because Summit is PERFECT in EVERY WAY!!! -ha ha ha -Yeah, right!

       -Instead of correcting what's wrong, THEY choose INSTEAD to falsely accuse their Male messenger of misconduct, push him out the door, spread malicious lies about him, write it off on their inflated tax forms and get away with it SIMPLY because this UNJUST, pussy-whipped, corrupt, LYING and gender-biased world allows it.

       Me, being a Man who FLAT-OUT REFUSES to be stigmatized, "Scarlett Lettered" OR labled like this in ANY WAY… I WILL verbally lash out at these unjust, Lying-assed SCUMBAG LOSERS until I am NO LONGER able to type, speak OR LIVE!!!. -In the meantime, I will go home and DREAM about a TRUELY EQUAL world.

      When a corporation becomes EASILY ABLE to USE it's female staffmembers to BOLDFACE LIE about someone, SIMPLY to have an innocent man removed from a jobsite is a FRAUD that NEEDS to be STOPPED at it's source!!!

      Their "world" is corrupt, and no longer worth a shit to me.

       -Hell, their so-called IT Department did NOTHING to repair Summits Corrupt websites glitch that I hadn't ALREADY done with MY OWN Computer Programs, which are currently SUPERIOR to the loser Windows XP 2002 systems they rely on. -IDIOTS!!!

       -In FACT, the ONLY criticism I received from them was that I was handing out cards which directed people to my VOX page here. -Otherwise, my work was appreciated, approved of and enjoyed.

       -Or so I was told…

        Scumbag Enemy #2:

        (-As Mentioned Earlier…)

       Held's Janitorial Service, Inc.

       1 HSBC Center

       Buffalo, NY 14203

        HR Mis-Manager: Dan Hymen (716) 854-1408

         Playing in to "their will" (as an effort to keep YOUR loser job/account there) , YOU had the NERVE to be their "Trigger Man"… -Doing a firing WITHOUT ANY Video/Audio or ANY OTHER KIND of PROOF to substantiate their/YOUR "claim" against me. -All you have is the word of some Female, LYING-ASSED, SCUMBAG, PAID Piece-of-shit who has NOTHING BETTER TO DO with her time than to Make SOME SEEMINGLY-DUMB MAN look bad, and have him removed from her sight with NO second thought of ANY kind. -And with NO regard for the MAN who performed FEATS of "Floorcare Magic" despite your lack of materials and equipment.

       + She, THEY and YOU had the NERVE to think that a man of MY age was DUMB ENOUGH to say something like she alleged, AND to STUPIDLY SAY IT in front of "three witnesses" (as you lyingly said of me) while I was there applying for a job because I HATED Held's Janitorial, and their lack of ethics so much.

        Puh-leeze!!! -Who would be STUPID enough to say something bent like that while applying for a job at a SCHOOL FOR AUTISTIC KIDS??? -Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME???

        YOU have INSULTED MY INTELLIGENCE, from DAY ONE, beginning with a minimal-and-INSUFFICIENT wage, DESPITE the GOOD, ethical and precise work I did for you Bastards… -And THIS is how you decide to treat me??? -By CONTINUING to insult me and my intelligence as if I was "just another easily-replaced, STUPID, sleasy, idiotic MAN in this country"??

       Well, FUCK YOU TOO!!!

       -SPEAKING of TWO, I Have Two songs here, for TWO SCUMBAGS who DESERVE to be brought out for their ATTEMPTED BS fraud.

#1: Little Tiny Moustache-Stephen Lynch – For all you Lyin'-assed NAZI MFR'S At Summit And Held's.


And #2: Unfinished Business – Jim Nelson Because SCUMBAGS LIKE YOU Won't be tolerated here. -FUCK YOU!!




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A Countdown To DOOMSDAY: March 13th, 2010…

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Ah, the CORRUPTION in this world.

The day begins two quick months before with a man on his way in to a job he has worked HARD at for the past 6 months. -It is freezing-rain/sleety-snowy-CRUDDY outside as he makes his way into this ungrateful, demeaning, under-paying job that he somehow LIKES; But he just simply hates the meager wage, having to work with inferior pieces of equipment, and having to work with inproper materials. -But he goes every day because he LIKES his job (otherwise) and NEEDS the income, no matter how insufficient it is. He has bitten his tongue all of this time, but tonight…

This night is a small bit DIFFERENT and hopeful for him, because he has arranged a meeting with his two Supervisors to discuss things that were WRONG in his eyes, and the NEED to fix small things in order to continue the harmony and daily job completions at their site.

The meeting goes "gloriously well" in this mans eyes, and he happily goes back to work, believing in some-sort-of happier near-future.

 At the conclusion of his shift, he brushes the snow off of his car and goes home.

The next day: He wakes to an early phone call from one of his supervisors saying you are no longer welcome at this site, because you said something "inappropriate" to someone at the job site. -Call the main office, and we'll go from there.

He calls the office, just to hear that (after 6 months of saying NOTHING much to ANYONE) he has been accused of saying something "sexist/sexually-harassing" about some female staffmembers "rear-end".

Despite his plea of being happily MARRIED for 8+ years, UNINTERESTED in anyone there (like that), and arguing that this was simply retaliation for his complaints given the night before, he is fired.

The man believed that the company, and his-self would PROSPER BETTER if they just FIXED a couple of small things, but got falsely accused, and FIRED over.


As the man spends the next month and a half  TRYING to collect his PAID-IN-TO Unemployment Insurance, (while doing without…) no one has noticed the PLAN he has enacted, which would include two others, in an effort to slice down the amount of money he had been dishing out, into their corrupted systems…

PLAN UNFAZED, the three have agreed to begin taking CHANTIX to quit paying for inflated-wallet-gouging-do-nothing taxes on cigarettes, and the quit date is March 13th, 2010. -The three will begin to take Chantix, and (hopefully) quit smoking and QUIT PAYING IN TO CORRUPT SYSTEMS like those in the United States Of America.

March 13th, 2010: The Price-Gouging ENDS HERE!!!

Fuck you TOO!!!

-The SCUMBAGS in this world…


HELD'S Janitorial Service, Inc.

1HSBC Center, Buffalo, NY 14203

(716) 854-0842

-Ask for Dan Hyman, HR Mis-Manager.


This song is for YOU tonight!

Stephen Lynch: Little Tiny Moustache


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