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Cigarette Free!

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I have been a non-smoker for five days now!


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I Have Decided That…

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I will ACTUALLY experience a good change this year, whether anyone likes it or not. –I WILL succeed this year, and SIMPLY because I am not changing by myself this time.

-THIS Time, my Wife is quitting these damned cigarettes WITH Me!!!

We began the first dose this morning at around "too-late-AM", meaning at around 2AM-ish.



I first became addicted to tobacco when the state of Missouri seized my siblings and I in the late 70's. -While in their Foster "Care" program, I happened across The Foster Parents cigarettes, and tried one with their son. While out there, the Mother came outside of the house, catching me with our stolen cigarette.

I'm not sure of his punishment (if any…), but I AM sure of the one I received.

I was taken back to the backyard and made to smoke several cigarettes, as a punishment for taking one of hers.

Later in time, I left the Foster "Home" and was sent to a group home in another part of the state where I QUICKLY jumped on the legalized (or easily accessable) equivilant: Chewable Tobacco. -I also experienced marijuanna for the first time, across the street from THE house where a girl we ALL liked lived. -The three of us got high, verbally dreamed, then went home.

Later, I was taken to Florida, where the habits continued, and WORSENED. -A little later than that, I turned 16.

At that time, I heard a pretty girl tell me that "she would NEVER kiss a Man with that shit in his mouth".   🙂

-I switched from chewing tobacco to cigarettes with a QUICKNESS!!!    😉

( -Wouldn't you?   lol)

I never saw her again, but I don't want to go any further into this poor past of mine right at this moment, because it IS "beside the Point" AND we are straying from the whole POINT of all of this: 24 years later, I AM FINALLY GETTING OFF OF THESE DAMN CIGARETTES, AND I'M DOING IT NOW.

-And in an effort to "commemorate it" in some fashion, I have decided to take this most recent "Untitled" piece of music of mine, and give you the title I am lyrically working with. -However, I will NOT finish this song until I have successfuly removed tobacco from my life.

The "working title" for this recording is "Open Letter".

Please enjoy!



Open Letter 1a
Jim Nelson

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A Countdown To DOOMSDAY: March 13th, 2010…

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Ah, the CORRUPTION in this world.

The day begins two quick months before with a man on his way in to a job he has worked HARD at for the past 6 months. -It is freezing-rain/sleety-snowy-CRUDDY outside as he makes his way into this ungrateful, demeaning, under-paying job that he somehow LIKES; But he just simply hates the meager wage, having to work with inferior pieces of equipment, and having to work with inproper materials. -But he goes every day because he LIKES his job (otherwise) and NEEDS the income, no matter how insufficient it is. He has bitten his tongue all of this time, but tonight…

This night is a small bit DIFFERENT and hopeful for him, because he has arranged a meeting with his two Supervisors to discuss things that were WRONG in his eyes, and the NEED to fix small things in order to continue the harmony and daily job completions at their site.

The meeting goes "gloriously well" in this mans eyes, and he happily goes back to work, believing in some-sort-of happier near-future.

 At the conclusion of his shift, he brushes the snow off of his car and goes home.

The next day: He wakes to an early phone call from one of his supervisors saying you are no longer welcome at this site, because you said something "inappropriate" to someone at the job site. -Call the main office, and we'll go from there.

He calls the office, just to hear that (after 6 months of saying NOTHING much to ANYONE) he has been accused of saying something "sexist/sexually-harassing" about some female staffmembers "rear-end".

Despite his plea of being happily MARRIED for 8+ years, UNINTERESTED in anyone there (like that), and arguing that this was simply retaliation for his complaints given the night before, he is fired.

The man believed that the company, and his-self would PROSPER BETTER if they just FIXED a couple of small things, but got falsely accused, and FIRED over.


As the man spends the next month and a half  TRYING to collect his PAID-IN-TO Unemployment Insurance, (while doing without…) no one has noticed the PLAN he has enacted, which would include two others, in an effort to slice down the amount of money he had been dishing out, into their corrupted systems…

PLAN UNFAZED, the three have agreed to begin taking CHANTIX to quit paying for inflated-wallet-gouging-do-nothing taxes on cigarettes, and the quit date is March 13th, 2010. -The three will begin to take Chantix, and (hopefully) quit smoking and QUIT PAYING IN TO CORRUPT SYSTEMS like those in the United States Of America.

March 13th, 2010: The Price-Gouging ENDS HERE!!!

Fuck you TOO!!!

-The SCUMBAGS in this world…


HELD'S Janitorial Service, Inc.

1HSBC Center, Buffalo, NY 14203

(716) 854-0842

-Ask for Dan Hyman, HR Mis-Manager.


This song is for YOU tonight!

Stephen Lynch: Little Tiny Moustache


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