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Save The BEST For Last…?

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Only Time WIll Tell.

The clock is SWIFTLY ticking down for the release of SAW VII: 3D, and I'm ready!!!

I liked the whole series (thus far), but part III has been my least favorite of them, simply because Amanda went from cool (part II) to PSYCHO-CRAZED (part III). Parts IV, V and VI have been progressively better, one after the other, and I look forward to this Series Finale… -ESPECIALLY since it's in 3D.

-I HOPE the story kicks ass, and I HOPE they don't wimp out on the 3D graphics!!!!

Also coming soon in 3D: Piranha 3D


Waiting for the bite!!!


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Two For The Road….

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I have spent the majority of the past two months STUCK in two pieces of my music. -One, I that I said I would finish when I was off cigarettes FOR GOOD ( See? -It's STILL unfinished…)


And the other that I first layed down this past July 13th, but haven't posted until now because of some "technical difficultiez…".

Being stuck is an uneasy, and worried feeling. -My FEARS are minimal, but my worries are HUGE right now. I KNOW that ALL is PEACEFUL when I'm done, but I'm NOT done just yet.

1) Unnamed  Piece- July 13th, 2010 One Minute, Fifteen Minutes.


2) Open Letter – The 1st one I mentioned…


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Just As It Is In Hell…

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This Stupid-assed country thinks that women don't lie, Men (like me) aren't willing to earn our own way, and Men (like me) DESERVE to be ruduced to NOTHING, while SCREAMING AT ME about being $9,000 in debt (-while our country is endebted into the TRILLIONS of Dollars…)


-Someone PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS to me, because I don't GET it!!!


Yes I DO get it.

Jesus came already, and we were the ones left in this stupid-assed world.

-Poised to just kill ourselves.

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