I Have A NEW Hero In My Life….

-And, she is currently 13-years-old.

My new-favorite, little crime-fighter "Hitgirl" IZ ALMost EXACTLY What I'd Wish For My "so-called" Daughter.

This is an UNCENSORED clip of "Hitgirl's Questionable Scene". -The ENGLISH language here is GRAPHIC, And SO IS THE VIOLENCE.

This clip IS NOT "perfect" in any way, and I HAVE a MUCH NICER copy of the movie HERE, but you have GOT TO SEE My New Hero!!! (-Female: Izn't that "Heroine", rather than "Hero"?)


I am CURRENTLY UNABLE to present this clip blocked to kidz under 13 (etc), but I am sure Vox will help me with this someday soon… (-Not that I have any kids at my page here anyways…)





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One Response to “I Have A NEW Hero In My Life….”

  1. I so want to see this!!!..I mean a girl literally kicking butt here and I really didn't know it was this graphic :O! But even with fighting games like Tekken I just love playing characters like Ling Xiaoyu even in seifuku♥ and beating up the much larger boys XD! Looks really amazing!!! I just watched "How to train your dragon" and I so highly recommend it!!! ♥♥♥! Really engaging story and characters you can relate to….so so inspirational~* too ^ ^。

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