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We’re NOT Going To Do It…

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The next posting down described some of what my girl Angel has been going through, and we have made a decision:

WE WILL NOT GIVE UP ON HER!!! -I will not have her "put down". I've asked my local Vet to help us with what we call "Comfort Measures", meaning "helping her to die NATURALLY, but COMFORTABLE", as in NO PAIN.

Why the hell would I kill a disabled kittycat that I had rescued from the dirty, and uncaring street over there?

Being 15 years old (in kittycat years) she IS a little old lady and is "due to check out" soon due to "old age with a side-order of cancer"

It breaks my heart.

-It has been ONE CORRUPTION AFTER ANOTHER since we've moved here to New York, I am NOT happy AT ALL, I sometimes just wanna die with her, but I WILL carry on. -No matter what.


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Chantix: Week III… -And…

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This weekend, I had originally intended to post another scathingly inflamitory post about the injustice that the state of New York, Summit Educational and Held's Janitorial are TRYING to put me through, but…

-A couple of somethings MORE IMPORTANT happened instead.

First of all, my girl Angel isn't doing well at all, since she had NOT ONLY four bad teeth removed last week, she had a "possibly cancerous" lump removed from under her tongue as well.



Since her surgery last week, she has been disoriented, unable to walk like she had been, unable to eat or drink on her own and she has an accelerated heart rate.

-And now, she can't walk.

At first, we considered "putting her down", simply because we couldn't STAND to see our disabled girl suffering so much. But THEN, I decided that (since we JUST gave the Vet SO MUCH MONEY for her surgery) I will INSTEAD take her to the Vet this Monday and DEMAND a free exam and a print-out of her last two lab results.

This (currently un-named) Vets office bills us as if they have the technology to repair her… (-Make her better, stronger, faster…) yet I seem to only receive Band Aids for her overall problem.

MY little 15-year-old girl Angel was ONE OF THE ONLY GOOD THINGS that resulted from my good labor at Summit (for Held's) so I wasn't going to give up on her so easily. -My little, deaf-and-near-mute, crippled, malnourished AND thirsty – 9 year old little girl, who was found By ME while she wasted away in front of a school for autistic kids…

(-She's better nourished, sheltered and cared for now, of course…)

I rescued her from their street to make her life better than it was. -I WILL NOT QUIT ON HER NOW!!!

-Despite how the state chooses to mistreat me.

HEY!!! -To My currently un-named annimal clinic: PLEASE, make it worth the price we pay to save a life!!!


We began the third box of Chantix this morning, and both of us seem to have some of the same effects from it:

-Mildly-to-medium states of lethargy and "enhanced" dreams. (-I'll bet that the State will further punish me for falling behind again, like they ALWAYS do…)

But speaking for myself: I am also experiencing a lowered tolerance to alcohol (meaning that I drink much less than I was before) and I am now smoking 6 packs-every-2-weeks LESS than I had been 2 weeks ago!!!

🙂 -Looks like this Chantix is beginning to WORK and pay for itself!!! 🙂

I am going to try for a bigger reduction in cigarette-usage in this next 2-week period. -NO PROMISES, but the chances of my success seem to look really good right now!!! -Chantix seems to be working!!!


-Guess I should start working on this piece again.



Open Letter 1a
Jim Nelson










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April 2nd, 2010…

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What else???

Clash Of The Titans!!!






I DID like the original 1981 version, as cheezy as the old special effects seem to me now. -However, it remains in my list of "All-Time Favorites" and I look forward to seeing this re-make!!!


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Tron: Legacy

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Tron II: Legacy

IN 3D!!!   🙂

December 17th, 2010


I can hardly wait!!!


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I Have Decided That…

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I will ACTUALLY experience a good change this year, whether anyone likes it or not. –I WILL succeed this year, and SIMPLY because I am not changing by myself this time.

-THIS Time, my Wife is quitting these damned cigarettes WITH Me!!!

We began the first dose this morning at around "too-late-AM", meaning at around 2AM-ish.



I first became addicted to tobacco when the state of Missouri seized my siblings and I in the late 70's. -While in their Foster "Care" program, I happened across The Foster Parents cigarettes, and tried one with their son. While out there, the Mother came outside of the house, catching me with our stolen cigarette.

I'm not sure of his punishment (if any…), but I AM sure of the one I received.

I was taken back to the backyard and made to smoke several cigarettes, as a punishment for taking one of hers.

Later in time, I left the Foster "Home" and was sent to a group home in another part of the state where I QUICKLY jumped on the legalized (or easily accessable) equivilant: Chewable Tobacco. -I also experienced marijuanna for the first time, across the street from THE house where a girl we ALL liked lived. -The three of us got high, verbally dreamed, then went home.

Later, I was taken to Florida, where the habits continued, and WORSENED. -A little later than that, I turned 16.

At that time, I heard a pretty girl tell me that "she would NEVER kiss a Man with that shit in his mouth".   🙂

-I switched from chewing tobacco to cigarettes with a QUICKNESS!!!    😉

( -Wouldn't you?   lol)

I never saw her again, but I don't want to go any further into this poor past of mine right at this moment, because it IS "beside the Point" AND we are straying from the whole POINT of all of this: 24 years later, I AM FINALLY GETTING OFF OF THESE DAMN CIGARETTES, AND I'M DOING IT NOW.

-And in an effort to "commemorate it" in some fashion, I have decided to take this most recent "Untitled" piece of music of mine, and give you the title I am lyrically working with. -However, I will NOT finish this song until I have successfuly removed tobacco from my life.

The "working title" for this recording is "Open Letter".

Please enjoy!



Open Letter 1a
Jim Nelson

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Untitled Remix Series 1…

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This is the first remix I was working on. -Now that I've done some editing on it, this will be the "rough draft" I will be working from.


Open Letter 1a
Jim Nelson

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Despite The Crappiness Of Late, Some Good…

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This past January 22nd, I posted a little piece of music that had been in my head for a while, and had simply "thrown down onto digital tape".  ;-) 

(ha ha ha -digital tape!!!   :-)       )

-Still, having this song in my head for the past couple of months, it has seriously evolved into something I THINK I can work with!

Five Violas, 2 Vibes, and a basic percussion part thus far.

It is one minute, 34 seconds long at this point. I'm sure the song will evolve further once the Guitars (Bass too) and vocals are written for it.

I hope you enjoy the progress I've made on this in the past two months, despite the continued BS "issues" that "THEY" INSIST upon FORCING me into dealing with!!!


-Still Untitled at this time, but here it is:


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