Angels 1st Vet Visit!!!

My aptly-named babydoll was an absolute angel in the hands of these strangers!!!



She had blood drawn to make sure she didn't have lukemeia or kitty-aids. -She tested negative for all!!!  🙂

The downside, was that she has two impacted teeth. (-No wonder she wouldn't eat her crunchies!!!) she is now taking antibiotics twice a day to heal the infection before we go have them extracted. -Then, we have to do another blood test to check the function of her internal organs, a series of vaccinations and then she will be just fine.

The surprising news also came from her teeth. -The Vet said, according to her teeth, my baby is actually a young lady aged around 9 years old.

:-)  When he listened to her heart, he said "she is purring so much, it sounded like a Harley convention in her."  lol

-That's my sweet, well-behaved girl!!!



What REALLY amazes me was how sweet she's been, even with the pain of two impacted teeth in her!!! Poor girl!!! -I had no idea she was hurting!!!

She will be feeling MUCH better after a couple days of antibiotics in her.


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2 Responses to “Angels 1st Vet Visit!!!”

  1. I hope she's not feeling too much pain from the impacted teeth and I'm so *happy* to hear that her blood tests were perfect~! One of our cats gets really uncomfortable at the vet!! I absolutely love her colors and especially her gray stripe…so *cute*!! ./\_/\.(='.'=)(")_(")♥

  2. -My sweet girl!!!
    She seems to be better now, but it will take a couple of days for it to be better for her! -It KILLS me to find out she has suffered this past week with me!!!
    She'll be ok now!

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