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The New Girl….

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My Sweet, Little Sparkey Lou died this past August 10th, leaving us with our two boys Cinnamin and Pepper.

About 2 weeks ago, I was moved to a new job site.

As with almost everywhere, we must go outside to smoke. But here, it's not good enough to just be outside, we must go off of their property to smoke.

This past week, while smoking, I have been "meowing" back and forth with a small, stray, grey-and-white kittycat. "He" didn't ever come more than 5 feet away from me during this time, but "he" eventually did, and was SOOO LOVEY-DOVEY that I decided to take "him" home with me that night. (-This past Wednesday night.)

-I took "him" to my car, got in (with "him") and ran the car with the air-conditioner on for a few minutes to cool the car down for "him". -I still had about 20 minutes left to work, so I cracked the windows, then ran in and worked as fast as I could to get done and get out.

When I was done, I went to the car, and found "him" laying on the driver's side floorboards…

So, I moved "him" to the passenger seat, got in and started the car. -"He" went to the passenger-side floorboard, looked up at me, hissed softly and began to pant desperately. -"He" was OBVIOUSLY under-nourished, and now obviously dehydrated, so I began driving home just as fast as the law would allow me to get away with.

(-I considered this a "Medical Emergency", and raced to get "him" home to begin nursing "him" back to health.)

About half-way home, "he" decided "he" wanted to be on the driver's side floorboard, which I simply could not allow. -I pulled "him" back towards me, and "he" just layed down in my lap and stayed there for the rest of the ride home.

When I got home, I took "him" upstairs and put him in my bedroom, away from my two boys.

I, then, gathered a food dish, food, water dish, water and a litter box for "him".

This poor, STARVING and DEHYDRATED kittycat DOVE into the food, and ate (probably) the best "he" has eaten in quite a while. (-Poor thing!!!)

As he was eating, I THEN discovered that "he" was really a SHE!!!

It was like back when I was a Nurse's Aide…   -I was more concerned about it's health than it's sex.

This little girl has been absolutely LOVEY-DOVEY, and a pleasure to have!!!

🙂 -It "irks" Sandy a tiny bit that this little girl ABSOLUTELY LOVES me, and is just "really nice" to her.

Our new little girl is, and WILL be ABSOLUTELY LOVED here with us, and I'm glad I could rescue her from the cold, hardened streets!!!


She was, and IS, such a little angel that I decided to name her "Angel".




I am giving her a couple of days to relax, gain some strength and not be so frightened before I give her a nice bath. -I refuse to see her traumatized any further.

I will post a picture after she's had a nice bath!!!


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Tonight, I will re-post (again!), Our 1st Video for Our Song: "See You Tonight".

-But Tonight, I can ALSo include a GOOD REASON for DOING so!

I am currently working on some re-mastering of of the Audio Tracks for this.

(-FINALLY, Eh???)


Forgive Me! -I DO have a DAY JOB!!!


Please re-enjoy this video as I work to make a nicer audio track!!!




Also, here is the CURRENT, VERY LOUD (-BUT NICER THAN The Audio on the video track…)

AUDIO REcording of it's foundation.-I will fix it as time, and life, permits.

But, Please enjoy what I have so far!!!



DO adjust your speaker volume levels to a comfortable level when playing this!



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Damn Red Dot…

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I play with my kitties using a small, red laser-pointer…

-They love it SO MUCH, they are willing to climb up a door to catch it!!!



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R.I.P. Sparkey Lou…

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My sweet little baby lost her battle with a bladder infection, and died today.

-She was 14 and 1/2.





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