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Well, How About That…

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My last post was about picking the top 3 from this weeks American Idol 12.

And, as I "predicted" (or picked, I should say) The top three were Allison, Adam and Kris.

I was torn on the third one there, but I was sure about Allison and Adam. However, since I DID list Kris, I feel like a "winner" on the "trifecta".

-Like I said, if I had bet any kind of money on my picks, I would have been wrong for sure.

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Guessing On The Trifecta…

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American Idol's Season 8 Karaoke contest is well under way, with the second 12 (three sets of twelve, one per week) having just performed tonight.

-Who are MY top picks for the three who remain this week?

1) Allison

2) Adam – Poor song choice tonight, but CLEARLY one of the BEST vocallists this year.

3) A three way tie between Jesse, Mishavonne and Kris.

-EVERYONE ELSE shouldn't have even bothered to waste our tyme. -They mostly SUCKED tonight.

Since I didn't bet any money on this, I'm guessing that my picks will be close to RIGHT ON.

-Guess we'll find out tomorrow night, eh?

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Go Figure…

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I've been a BIG fan of Gordon Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen" and "Kitchen Nightmares" series, but I've only recently been able to view his UK episodes, which are gleefully UNCENSORED.

I'm going to speak about "Kitchen Nightmares" for a small moment…

Where do YOU like to go out to eat? -THANK GOD it HASN'T been at some of the places Chef Ramsay has featured…!!!

The good, and ethical, Master Chef Gordon Ramsay has visited restaraunts all over the world; Spain, Britain, France…

Out of ALL episodes of "Kitchen Nightmares" that I've seen thus far, the BIGGEST, WORST and MOST DISGUSTING Kitchen Nightmares have been RIGHT HERE in the United States.

Are you shocked to hear that the most digusting, and revolting, restaraunts he's featured on his show are RIGHT HERE in the United States?

I'm not. -America's standards are FAR from what they USED to be. People here talk BIG, but produce little.

I'm continually appalled, but eternally grateful that Master Chef Gordon Ramsay is teaching some good ethics.

-May it rub off on ALL of America!!!

Hell's Kitchen is now in Season 5 on Fox. -Thursday nights.

-Check it out, eh?

KNOW what you're eating, AND where it came from!!!!


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Kinda As Reported On CNN Yesterday, Only BETTER…

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Sunday… February 8th, 2009…

CNNs' Headline News reported on a woman from Louisiana who visited a place called "The Crater Of Diamonds" in Arkansas and found a RARE diamond-in-the-rough that she had made into a nice diamond ring.

Rhonda Bankston, from Louisiana found this rare diamond, had it appraised and then made a beautiful ring out of it.

(-I am SURE that you are wondering why am I writing about this…)

I am writing about this because she went on to name it "Dream Angel", which happens to be the name of I song I wrote in 2002 for my "Domestic Violins" cassette/CD.

I only have a half-way decent copy of "Dream Angel" which was redone as a live "bonus track" for my "Senseless Crimes" CD in 2006.

-There is only one guitar and one drummer on this live-yet-no-audience recording, but it is on the list of songs I wish to remake for my future release.

-I hope you enjoy it!


Knightraven - Dream Angel 2005
Jim Nelosn: -Jim Nelson, Al Owcarz

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News: Good And Not-So-Good…

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I have just finished my very first week at my new job!!!

The American Red Cross mansion is HUGE, and there's a lot to get done in just five hours, but I'm doing well! -I've already received a compliment for doing "a fantastic job, especially in the 3rd floors' kitchenette". (-Their words, not mine!)

-Yeah, things are off to a great start here!

Now, some not-so-good news.

My sweet little Sparkey-Lou went to the vet yesterday for another bladder infection.


We're giving her medicine and fluids to try to get this cleared up again. She's 15 years old, and isn't handling things as well as she once did. The vet said that if she doesn't get better, we'll probably have to put her to sleep.

However, I choose to be positive and believe that she'll pull through this and be ok.

It would just KILL me to lose her. -She's my sweet.

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Nah, but this is a cool kinda story…!

At 6:15 PM (Eastern Time), I said (despite Jennifer Scudsons off-time-Aretha-Wanna-be performance of the National Anthem) that THE PITTSBURG STEELERS were going to win tonight!!! -And, I was RIGHT!!!

heh heh heh -One of my gathered friends said "It's Prophetic!!!"

-I said "I can ALWAYS pick a winner, just as long as I didn't bet money on them.". -The split-second that I bet anything over one cent, my pick will LOSE.

-I bet NO money that Pittsburg would win, but they DID win.

Prophetic? No.

-Familiar with MY luck? -Yes.


Lost Within A Song
Music: Jim Nelson/Lyrics: Robert Lockwood, Jim Nelson









Envision IV
Jim Nelson



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