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I Can Hardly Wait!!!!!

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Guess where I get to go tomorrow night?


I have wanted to see his live show for many years, but was never able to until now.

-I wasn't even sure if I COULD go until last night, and I was extatic when I found out I could!!!

-MAN!!! I can hardly wait!!!!


Yngwie J. Malmsteen. -I'm sure it will be AWESOME!!!!!!

From his first album "Rising Force", this is a lyricless piece of music called Evil Eye".


These next two are from the "The Best Of… '90-'99" CD, "Blue" and the Abba cover "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme".  



Gimme, Gimme, Gimmie
Yngwie Malmsteen

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Revealed Today….

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Today I read that Obama's campaign OUTSPENT McCain in advertising.

-Money "well spent", or NOT…..


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Hmmmm….. -Today….

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Today, my brother and I went to a friends house to give him a "small hand" with his newly-rented place.

-He said he was home and ready for us, so we raced right over…


After our wonderful help, we raced back home for dinner…


What's On TV tonight…?

Serious thought, and remodeling, has gone in to the completion of "Some Things I've Said", and it's taking waaaay longer than I thought it ever would. -But it's working, k? -Thanks for your continued patience!

My dear friend Morningberryz is still getting a hard CD, + a few small extras when it's finally done, but it will be previewed here when it IS done, right here, so STAY TUNED, eh?


Here's "Envision" to hold you over for a minuet or two….


-One of these two uploads will work for you….



Envision IV
Jim Nelson

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That's where the Dow Jones Ind. is as of this writing. People are frantically wondering whats going on with this huge stock market drop, just in the past few days. People have lost some serious money during this drop.

Ahh, but the bright side…

What are YOUR gas prices now? -I paid $2.85 a gallon for my last fill up. -Almost a dollar cheaper than about a month ago, and prices are continuing to slide!!!

As far as I'm concerned the stocks are FINE where they are right now. We've been price-gouged ENOUGH these past couple of years, don'tcha think?

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Long Questioned, Finally Answered…!

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Which came first?

-The Chicken, or the Egg?

The Chicken, of course.

-Eggs can't come!!!


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Doom III To The End….

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A review I read of Doom III began with what I'll call an understatement…

It said "Before you begin, you are DOOMed."

I beg to differ. -I say when you begin, you are F***ed!!!.


Having been a fan of this series for many years, (12 and a half years to be more exact) I was extatic when I FINALLY got my hands on this game, four years after it's release! I played, and played, and played, awestruck by the advancements they've made since "Final Doom". -As bad and hard as I thought the Doom series was, it's NOTHING compared to what they gave us in Doom III.

PC Gamer said this about Doom III: "A Masterpiece Of The Art Form", which is what I'd consider to be yet another understatement. The graphics were just faaaantastic, and the demons were tougher than any Hell I'd ever imagined before. -And, what a great storyline, with major attention to details!!! No, this is much more than a Masterpiece, but words fail me at this moment.

After many hours of struggling and trying, I suceeded in beating 19 levels on my own before searching the IBG website for some help in defeating The Guardian (play it and you'll see…) You will only struggle for so long before either giving up or seeking help. -Not being a quitter, I finally sought just enough help to get past the Guardian.

I searched IBG to get past the Guardian, and later to get past the final demon at the end.

-Plus, I finally caved in and found out how to play the rest of the levels in God-mode, which was a a nice feature of the older Dooms' games. (An extra nice feature to see was included here) However, beating 19 levels without help of any kind is something I'd consider to be noteworthy and respectable. In God mode, I saw Doom III to the end.

It makes me wonder just what kind of psycho-genius designed these games, with this one including some sort of evil-winged-lobster-clawed-babies of some sort… (heh -Now I've killed evil babies! ha ha ha)

I sincerely hope that this isn't the last we see of the Doom series!

-I've thoroughly enjoyed them all!!!

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