For My New Visitors And New Neighbors…


Every so often I repost some of my creations to make it easier for my new visitors/new Neighbors to find them.

-Do understand that these are "works-in-progress", but I hope you find them to be enjoyable!

1) Envision (2008 version)

-I am STILL accepting lyric suggestions and ideas for this!!!


Envision IV
Jim Nelson

2) Unfinished Business (2008 version)


Unfinished Business
Jim Nelson

3) Hero: Unplugged 2008


Hero: Unplugged
Jim Nelson

4) Popcorn (A Drum Cadence, 2007 version)


Jim Nelson

5) Lost Within A Song (2008 version)


Lost Within A Song
Music: Jim Nelson/Lyrics: Robert Lockwood, Jim Nelson

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