If It’s This Weekend, It Must Be…..

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2 Responses to “If It’s This Weekend, It Must Be…..”

  1. Hmmm…so is this really the final part as indicated by the movie art? I only was able to watch the first two movies….just a bit too much for me! I must say though that they are very very creative with how the traps are set up!

  2. Actually, rumour is they will go all the way through to a part 9.
    VH1 is currently doing a contest called "Scream Queens" where a small group of women compete for a starring role in Saw VI. (It's on tonight at 8 pm)
    This part five was much easier to follow that the sometimes-confusing part 4, and the last trap surprised the s*** out of me! They have really come up with some imaginative traps, and it makes me wonder if they'll be able to keep this interesting for four more movies.
    -Guess we'll see…

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