Yesterday I was extatic, knowing that I could go to Yngwie's show tonight, but the rain changed everything overnight.

I took one of our cats, Cinnamin, to the Vet to have a fatty-tissue tumor removed from under his left arm. We brought him home in the afternoon and placed him in a cage to let him sleep off his post-surgery medication.

We removed the collar-cone thing from his neck (-used to keep him from licking the surgery site) and put a nice little t-shirt on him instead.


At about 10:25 this morning, Cinnamin suffered a heart attack and passed away.

-Things are very dark around my house today. The rain-filled, grey-ish-blue skies outside kinda match what we're feeling inside right now.

-What a way to begin what was meant to be a better day…

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6 Responses to “Bittersuite…”

  1. That sucks, sorry to hear it.

  2. Thanks.
    -I'll see you at the show, and I'll try not to be too depressed.

  3. Aww, so sorry to hear that DK. We love our little kittens so much and when they pass on it's heart breaking. I feel for you today though I find the cool wet weather a nice relief from summer's wrath, and so maybe kitty-cat feels that same, Mich. x

  4. This is so sad and I'm so sorry for Cinnamin. 😦 Pets are truly members of the family and I'm so sorry for your loss. Really really sad…

  5. Thanks.
    -Yeah, things feel a little grim around here right now. We were too broke to afford a proper burial for him, so he'll be buried like Mozart was: In a mass grave. -Sux.

  6. Thanks.
    We're pretty broke up about it. He was 12 years old and with us his whole life. We considered him like a son. Now we're watching his sister Sparkey Lou closely…

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