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Federal Bailout??? -BS!!!!

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If and when WE screw up, we get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

However, when major financial institutions screw up, they receive a federal bailout.

What's wrong with this picture???

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Yet Another Sad Day In Rock ‘N’ Roll….

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Cool, Just Like I Thought It Would Be…!

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Money restraints typically bar me from everything cool, until later.


Doom 3 was originally released in 2004, and I just COULD NOT see spending in the neighborhood of $100 for it. I finally found a NEW copy of it at Best Buy for $19.99, and I begged my wife to get it for me.

-And it is JUST as cool as I was expecting it to be!!! I've only played one level of it so far, so I'm SURE it will be MORE cool as I go along.

Playing games on the PC have finally escalated to a new level for me, and I'm totally enjoying it! You don't need a Computer Doctorate to play Doom 3, but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt…  😉

This will DEFINATELY take some "getting used to", but I'm up for it!

I DEFINATELY won't try it online until I'm quite a bit more practiced at it, and if there's anyone still playing it online that is… (4 years later…)

4 1/2 or 5 by the time I get any good at it….


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The End Is Near….

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Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles Season II begins tomorrow night!!!



Summer Glau/Cameron…. (drool)







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Well, It’s About Time, Eh…?

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I've played Super Mario Brothers many, many times over the years, and have NEVER beaten it 'till just tonight.

Happy Happy, Joy Joy!!!

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Politics And Other Gore….

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Leave it to me to find a gory side to politics.

-Go figure…

Being torn between two things to write about tonight, I decided to do a short version of BOTH: Politics and gore.

First off, politics.

I strongly feel that anyone, over 18, needs to get their butts out to register and vote. But, on the other hand, a whole lot of Americans seem more concerned with what color panties Britanny Spears would wear, that is, if she wore any at all.

That being said, I'm definately assuming that voters will vote one of two ways, in this historical election:

1) Elect America's FIRST black (-silly me. I mean "African-American") President


2) Elect America's FIRST Female Vice-President

As trivial as America IS, I'm sure that these are the ONLY thoughts on the minds of a large number of voters, despite the issues they SHOULD be thinking about, and despite whatever anyone says. PERSONALLY, I SAY VOTE FOR THE ONE WHO WILL FUND OUR MILITARY!!! They keep us safe, and deserve to have the top-of-the-line equipment to CONTINUE to keep us safe with, war or not.

On the issue of politics, I must say that it REALLY irks me to hear everyone blaming all of our country's problems on George W. Bush. -Yeah, it's TOTALLY easy to put all the blame for the "woes of this country" squarely upon his shoulders, but why is it that EVERYONE so easily FORGETS that laws are MADE and ENACTED by CONGRESS???

-Put the blame where it's REALLY deserved!!!!

OK! -Let's get to the GORE!!!!


This past Labor Day weekend, I did a "Friday The 13th: From Crystal Lake to Freddy Vs. Jason" movie marathon, and thought I'd like to make a short list of what I thought was the MOST GRAPHIC, GORIEST, Bloodiest, and SICKEST movies I have ever seen, and I think a certain title, or two, might surprise you.

-This is in NO WAY a "complete list", k?

In NO particular order:

1) Traces Of Death Series

2) Faces Of Death Series

3) The Passion Of The Christ

4) From Dusk 'Till Dawn Series

5) Kill Bill Vols 1&2

6) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Series (beginning with the last two first, of course…)

7) The Cube Series

8) The Living Dead Series

9) Return Of The Living Dead Series

10) House Of 1000 Corpses &The Devil's Rejects


If you can think of some more GOOD movies, I will GLEEFULLY add them to this list, k?

As for my music: I hope to be composing again in the next couple of weeks, so please stay tuned!!!

-Thank you again for everyone's patience with me!!!

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