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Tonight… -Three Moods Of Me….

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I have been looking forward to this release since the mere MENTION of "The Joker", at the end of "Batman Begins", and I have NO issue with their portrayal of "The Joker"… Much…

However, TOTALLY IGNORING the "original 4 "Batman Movies", Two-Face (Harvey Dent) is scarred-for-life differently than as it was portrayed in "Batman Forever". I expected better. I expected a bit different from the over-cooked 4 "original movies" in this Batman movie franchise, as in keeping with the presented story, rather than altering the "facts" presented in the original four movies. -Would have made for a SWEETER Box-Set (on DVD) I'm sure, than the confusion left to us in this different series' portrayal of our Hero, Batman.

(-I'm ALSO sure that original FANS of the Batman COMICS cringe at EVERY presentaion of a character that the other characters knew, and those we USED to know…)

According to the "original four Batman movies", Two-Face was burned IN COURT, and by acid thrown at him. -NOT outside of a warehouse, by flamed up gasoline on half his face

I DID like it when, near the beginning of the movie, they again gave us the "Scarecrow, as a "leave-off" from "Batman Begins", but not as much as I would have appreciated.

(SCARECROW ROCKED in "Batman Begins"!!!!!!!)

As a matter of fact, "Batman Begins" was TOTALLY BETTER, and better organized than the criminals they gave us here. I REALLY expected better from an intro of The Joker into this new series, and I'd expect BETTER in future Batman flix. I mean, really.

As for The Joker…

Heath Ledger's Joker WAS well played. -Oscar worthy? I think not, but very well done though.

Movie Makers. Please, try better to "stay with a story", and make them entertwine, as the comics did. I really expect better from any future Batman movies.

Stunts DON'T make the movie, the stories do. -Special effects ADD to the story, remember?

-Story FIRST, dudes, k?

"Batman Begins" was LEAPS AND BOUNDS better written than this LAZY part two.

Besides the lame "continuation" of this "Batman story", and besides the death of Heath Ledger…

THIS lame story didn't merit any Oscars, unless you want to give one to either Morgan Freeman or Christian Bale who BOTH maintained the integrity of what, and WHO Batman "was".

It is very sad that Heath Ledger lost his life from an overdose of his prescription meds, but this LAME "continuation" of the story does not merit him an Oscar. -Sorry dude.



Things are STILL a little messed up here. This is ALSO how I feel tonight:


Lost Within A Song
Music: Jim Nelson/Lyrics: Robert Lockwood, Jim Nelson

3. Also,


Envision IV
Jim Nelson

I WON'T give up that easily….

-Stay Tuned…

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Five More….

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For SOME dumb reason, I've been unable to edit my last post to add these five more songs.

-So, I'll just add them in a new post.

There's more than ONE way to skin a cat… (-I prefer to use my bare hands! ha ha ha) 

1) Nazareth – "Hair Of The Dog".


2) Simple Minds – "Don't You Forget About Me".


3) The Police – "Synchroniciry II".


4) Suicidal Tendancies – "Send Me Your Money".


5) Wham! – "Careless Whisper".


I hope you've enjoyed my selections!

Thank you again for your patience as I have my classes!

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More Of My 100 Million Favorite Things, So Far… Continued

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Have a safe and fun Friday night! -I hope you enjoy the selections!

1) Boston – "Smokin'.


2) Goo Goo Dolls – "Long Way Down".


3) Heart – "Dreamboat Annie".

-The GOOD version, NOT the "what-the-heck-were -they-thinking" version.


4) Joan Jett – "Bad Reputation".


Joan Jett - Bad Reputation
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

5) Mudvayne – "Silenced".


Five more to come this weekend!

Thanks for being patient while I have my classes!!!

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Apologies, Again…

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Not to ignore anyone, I've just been tied up with my classes.

Things should be more "back to normal" in about five weeks.

Thanks for your patience!

Here's a couple songs of mine to keep you looking forward to new stuff!!!

1) Hero: Unplugged


Hero: Unplugged
Jim Nelson

2) Envision


Envision IV
Jim Nelson

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