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Well, It’s About Time, Eh? -Envision 2008, Version 4

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I've added, and mixed down five of the seven backup vocal parts.

-Seventeen tracks on this so far… -But I've YET to write a vocal lead part.

ANY lyricist/Vocallist-wanna-be, MALE OR FEMALE and COLOR OR ETHINICITY/Beliefs DOESN'T MATTER, who wants to submit lyrical/singing ideas towards the completion of this song, is welcome to do so, but keep it clean.

-Personally? -I've said everything I wanted to say in this piece.

Envision 2008 – Version IV.

Envision IV
Jim Nelson

I hope you enjoy it's progress!!!



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All weekend, I've been trying to add the vocal parts to "Envision", with little progress. I quickly discovered that it's harder to sing this than it once was.

However, I've got five of the seven voice parts basically done. It used to be that I could do this in three parts, but not anymore. Once I do the next two parts, I'll mix them in the computer and see what we've got here.

-If all else fails, maybe I can get someone over to sing it for me. -We'll see.

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-Just like I said I would, and just like it deserves, and also with my ticket to their Las Vegas show from the "Test For Echo" tour, Sunday: November 24th, 1996!!!


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That’s A LOT More Like It: Envision III, 2008

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To date, this is BY FAR, the NICEST recording I've ever done, despite it's occasional mistakes.

(Smiles) I still haven't added the lyrics to this, but I DID enhance the parts I currently have involved with it.

-However, I only promised to have something up by the end of this weekend, so stay tuned, k?

-Just wanted you to know that I really was doing something here!


So, without further ado, here is the third version (so far) of Envision 2008!!!


Envision III 2008
Jim Nelson

Let me know what you think of it!!!!

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Oooh! -Guess What I Just Got!!!!

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This past April 14th, I wrote about receiving Rush's live CD of the Snakes And Arrows tour the day before it's official release. In that posting, I mentioned that I hadn't yet received the poster from my order.

-I just got it today!!!!!


It's not exactly a "poster", as posters go. -Posters are typically on a thin, glossy type of paper, where this was printed on a thicker sheet of construction paper-like material. And, if you look closely at the bottom right of this lithograph, you will see that it is numbered 282/500, meaning that only 500 of these were printed, and I got #282.

My wife and I will be getting a nice frame to put this in, and I'll also put my ticket stub from their "Test For Echo" concert in Las Vegas in it!

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Envision II 2008

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This is what I added last night: A BASS Guitar line, and a reinforced Bass Drum/Snare Drum/2nd percussion part.

-Just mixed it down, in Adobe Audition 2, tonight.

As usual, it is NOT "perfect", but it's better than it was before. -Plus, I STILLL haven't yet added the voice, but I will.

-Thank you for your patience, as I exorcize my vocal chords…

I hope you like it!!!

-Let me know what you think of it!!!


Envision II 2008
Jim Nelson

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Just Got Back From Flori-duhhh…

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Like I said, in my last post, my wife made me go on vacation with her, and we went to Flori-duhhh. She wanted to take a look at Orlando as a possible place to move to in the future. We got there, and quickly decided that Orlando just isn't going to work for us. -It's too big, and it's all about the mouse around there.

We were looking for our motel, made a wrong turn and wound up face-to-face with the mouse…


We made a U-turn, and finally found our room, much to the delight of our road-tired kitties.

The next morning, we drove to Clearwater, checked into our room, left the kitties there and went sightseeing!!!

Our first stop was at Crest Lake Park, in downtown Clearwater. -I was surprised to see an old motel I had lived in had been torn down, and turned into a parking lot. (There were LOT'S of changes to Clearwater since I left, but we won't go there just now) The squirrels were surprisingly friendly there:


Further around the lake was a little playground that wasn't there when I lived there, so I couldn't resist checking it out!


Flori-duhhh Trip 2008 053Flori-duhhh Trip 2008 054Flori-duhhh Trip 2008 056

On the way out of the park, I took notice of some more of the new additions there, and stopped to pet the dog bush.


Flori-duhhh Trip 2008 059Flori-duhhh Trip 2008 060

From there, we headed for the beach!!!

Flori-duhhh Trip 2008 103Flori-duhhh Trip 2008 064

However, we just drove through. -Parking is virtually impossible, unless you're willing to pay, unlike the good old days there… Besides, Sandra really wanted to go to Caladesi Island instead, so we did.

-You can get there from Clearwater Beach, if you're willing to walk about 45 minutes to get there. (-We weren't willing to walk that far) So, we went through the Dunedin beach, and took a boat there instead.



Flori-duhhh Trip 2008 071Flori-duhhh Trip 2008 072Flori-duhhh Trip 2008 078Flori-duhhh Trip 2008 081Flori-duhhh Trip 2008 082

On the way to the Caladesi Island Beach, we saw a sign you might find a bit surprising:


Unafraid, we made our way to the beach! I thought it was cool, the way the seagulls hung out, facing the water while Sandy searched the water for seashells and Sting-rays.


Flori-duhhh Trip 2008 094Flori-duhhh Trip 2008 095

She found a few cool shells, but no Sting-rays. (-Lucky for her!!!)

After that, we went and found a pawn shop, where my wife let me buy a much-needed Bass Guitar!!!

-It's kinda junky, but it does it's job and that's what's important.


That night, I got to hang out with a guitarist friend of mine, and his drummer friend for a few hours. -We took turns playing our songs for each other over a couple of beers. We then went for dinner. Sandy was just dyin' to have some Florida Lobster tales (giant waterbugs is what I call them…) so we got them.


She usually likes the tails oven-cooked, but this place fried them instead. -She enjoyed them, and we called it a night.

We got back on the road the next morning, and I just couldn't wait to get back home. -The kitties couldn't wait to get home either!!! As we passed through North Carolina, we made a stop at a restaraunt I loved when I lived in Las Vegas, but don't have in New York:


Ahhh yes… Jack-In-The Box!!!! (Man, I wish we had one here!!!)

Last but not least: As we were driving through Pennsylvania to get home, we passed a town that might interest Mrs. Robin Meade from CNN'S Headline News:


Sandy, the kitties and I were sooo happy to get home. -It was a two day drive there, one day playing, and two days driving home. We were pretty tired of the truck by the time we were done!

I spent last night catching up on missed E-Mails, then playing with my new Bass. -I hope to have something post-worthy after this weekend. -We'll see.

-Stay tuned!!!

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