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Happy New Year!!!

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Here's a toast to the idea, and the hope, that next year will be sooo much nicer than this past year was…!

(-takes a drink)

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Firm In My Resolve…

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Although I joined late, The Writer's Guild strike in California continues on in to January, and probably for good reason. -Musically, I intend to "stay on strike" long enough to equal the time they have been on strike, which means that I'll be on strike a full month after they finally reach an agreement.

Oh, but check it out…! My Nephew recently aquired the technology to etch pictures onto writable disks, which means that if I stay patient for a while longer (-he graduates in June…) -It ALso means that I'm NOT just sitting here, doing nothing… I can, with his help, put together a nicer "finished product" (barring any unforeseen troubles) by about the end of the summer, or fall! -I think it will be worth the wait, and I hope you'll eventually agree!

I think that I should be creating music, NOT spending all this time learning all of the computerized things that it all evolves into. -And, my Nephew seems to agree…! -He can lift a LOT of weight off of my shoulders…!

I mentioned earlier, in my blog, that I purchased a new set of strings for my Strat from The Guitar Center the day after Thanksgiving…


…And there they will sit, 'till a month after a settlement is reached in California, and some other not-mentioned(much) state…

I get a TON of spiritual uplifting from my songs, but I don't earn anything by posting it for everyone to freely download. -I fully support the idea of free downloads (-samples even) of some music and movies and the such, as long as people purchase, or rent, the officially released DVD/CD, or whatever it is the artists have done for our enjoyment.

I mean, damn… -I/we need to earn a living too! -I'm not rich enough to be able to do it all for free, like I wish I could.

-But, I do it… -And, probably just because I can. -I trust that I'll "get there" someday, but 'till then, I must earn my way, just like everyone else.

Please show some support, and love, for your good writers, and writers-to-be!!!

Entertainment is nothing without someone writing it.

Support your local writers, in ANY way you can!!!!

In the meantime, I offer two of my writings for your enjoyment, and for the enjoyment of new visitors I have welcomed here, to VOX.

-Unfinished Business:


Unfinished Business
Jim Nelson

And, Lost Within A Song


Lost Within A Song
Music: Jim Nelson/Lyrics: Robert Lockwood, Jim Nelson

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A Slice Of My Christmas…

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One thing I really wanted for Christmas (-besides relief from the torture Flori-duhh puts me through) was a Best Buy (or Wal Mart) Gift Card, worth at least $100, so I could "beef up" my DVD library some with missing, but wanted DVD titles.

I KINda got it… -I got two Best Buy Cards, worth $20 each.(drat, cool, drat, cool, drat, cool…)

(-I, later, asked them to let me keep the holographic one, which I have placed inside one of my purchases along with a hand-written note, listing the four DVD's I purchased with it)



So, I ventured off to Best Buy this morning with the $40 worth of gift cards, and spent $59 on four DVD's.


Full Metal JacketBlade IIJason IXHarry Potter V

1) Full Metal Jacket. -I've had it on videotape for quite some time… I wanted the DVD, but there were others I was pre-occupied with. -Nice addition to the library!

-Me love it long time!

2) Blade II. -Another I've had on videotape for quite some time, and I'd already bought "Blade", and "Blade "Trinity", so this one finally completed the original trilogy.

3) Friday The 13th part nine: Jason Goes To Hell. Yep! -I've had this one on video for quite some time, but I hadn't been able to find this on DVD ANYWHERE 'till I saw it this morning. -I have the 5-disk "From Crystal Lake To Manhattan" Box Set, and I've had Friday The 13th part 10: Jason X on disk, but I couldn't find this DVD for well over 2 years. This was the pivital version that showed Jason's mask being grabbed by Freddy Kruegar, which was the "lead-in" to Freddy Vs. Jason. (-which I also have) This purchase completed my "Friday The 13th Series-on-disk". -I'm glad to have finally found it!!!

4) Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, 2-disk Special Edition (-Just like the 1st four I have) -This is the one I'm keeping the holographic Best Buy card in. This DVD also looks much better than the editor's version I was given online months ago!

Now, the DVD's I wished I could have picked up were "Married… With Children Seasons 7 & 8", "Tales From The Crypt Seasons 6 & 7" (-There's rumours of a soon-to-be-done third "Tales…" movie…) "The Simpson's Movie" with the Simpson's figurines (-I hope it's the version that didn't edit out Bart's nekkid-little-cartoon-pee-pee, but I'm not sure yet) "South Park: Season 10" and "Anatomy Of A Drum Solo" by Neil Peart. -So easy it is to fall behind on your favorite series…

-Eh, I'll catch up again…

My sister sent me a few DVD's for Christmas…



She sent me the movie "Serenity" (-which I've had in the DVD library for quite some time now) and the four-disk Box Set of the series "Firefly", which I hear has something to do with the movie. Even 'tho I had the movie (now I have two of them…) I haven't watched it yet, nor did I know anything about any series. -I ought to be able to get to it this weekend…

Re-focusing on real life, I have one more visit to the Physical Therapist, and I see the Specialist January 14th. -Hopefully, I'll be back to work by February. -Let's see what happens…

The nicest thing I got for Christmas was the knowledge that my niece returned from deployment alive, and all in one piece. (-I took comfort in the FACT that she hadn't been deployed with idiots, but well-trained members of our armed services.) I'm GLAD she's home, alive and well, and I wish I could see her NOW!

-Maybe someday soon…

Today, SHE is my Hero!

Once again I say, and wish, Happy Holidays to everyone!

-May we all do, and get better next year!

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No Two Snowflakes Are Alike….

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For those of us who must shovel our walks, WHO CARES???? -THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE TO US!!!! heh heh heh

Last night, we were under a high wind advisory, a local area flood warning (-not exactly us, just around us) and told it would rain, then turn to snow.

Eh, it's December… -It's gotta snow sometime…

-7 am, bleary-eyed, and only half awake… -I stumbled to the door, knowing I'd have to shovel some, and what did I see?


(Darn it… -Exhaled when I snapped the pic. Let's try this again…)


Uggg!!! (Well, actually, it's a pretty picture, and just in time for Christmas!) -Afraid I was seeing things, and afraid that this picture was going to be too dark, I decided to take another picture:


Nope. -I wasn't seeing things. -The entire world (my neighborhood) is completely whited-out.


heh -It's really not too bad right now. -It looks like about three or four inches. However, it's still coming down.

I finished clearing off the driveway and sidewalk, and stopped to wipe my sweaty brow. When I turned to admire my job-well-done, I saw it was becoming buried again.


I truely believe that anyone who's "Dreaming Of A White Christmas" has to either be living in the deep south, or is rich enough to have someone doing the shoveling for them.

-Ah well, it's supposed to stop sometime this afternoon. Hey… The cool thing about this picture above is how the reflectors on our truck remind me that, in just a few short weeks, we will be treated to "The Sarah Connor Chronicles". YEAH!!!! -I can hardly wait!!!


Well, I sprinkled some rock salt, so shoveling will be easier for me later on. It'll be done tonight, just before Sandy's family begins to arrive to spend Christmas Eve, and Christmas with us.

This is sooo weird for me… See, usually, one of us is working the holiday, so we just kinda exchange gifts between ourselves some day before the actual holiday. This year, we are both off, and celebrating it just like most everyone else. -Weird!

Anyways, Happy Holidays to everyone!

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like….

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Snow is pretty for about five minutes. -Then the reality sets in that "yes, you must go and shovel it AGain…"


2nd Good Snowfall This Year 0012nd Good Snowfall This Year 0022nd Good Snowfall This Year 0032nd Good Snowfall This Year 004

The forecast calls for up to 2 feet of snow in our area by Monday morning. -We've received about 8 inches in the past 18 hours. Will we get another 13+ inches in the next 13+ hours? -Guess we'll see.

Luckily for us, no one has experienced any power outages in our area, like some did in other northern states. But, we have our generator ready, just in case.

I will update this post if we get dumped on tonight or not. -I'll let you know if we "get it".

UPDATE: I just got done shoveling the walk, and driveway, of another 6 inches of snow. -7 more inches to go to reach the forecast, and two more hours left in our area's winter storm warning.

I mentioned to Strixaluco, in the comments, that it had stopped snowing. -I figured it was a good time to go clean off the driveway. No sooner do I get the sidewalk cleared off, the city snow-plowers (for the first time ever, that I'm aware of) sent a mini plow to clear off our sidewalks. D'oh!!!

I only grumbled a little bit while I re-cleaned what the sidewalk plow left behind, and continued to my driveway.

New fallen snow isn't too bad to shovel, even when it's 6 inches deep… -However, when the street-cleaners do the streets, you end up with a sort of dirty, slushy and heavy-packed glob of mess six feet up on to your driveway that's hard to shovel. (-I'll get a picture of this kind of junk next time)

It took me a small while to dig it all out, me being extra careful with my back… No sooner do I get it done, it begins to snow again. D'oh!!!

Darn it, I want a snow blower before next year!!!


2nd Good Snowfall This Year 0052nd Good Snowfall This Year 006

Ugggg… -Winter has officially begun.

The good news is that no, our power hasn't gone out.


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97 ROCK Party: The Buckin Buffalo Saloon

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Party night!!!

I wasn't too sure what to expect as I drove to the party. When I arrived, I was dismayed to discover that there wasn't any free parking. I (luckily) found a parking spot right in front of the Buckin Buffalo Saloon, right behind the 97 ROCK truck. -After depositing $1.50 into the streetside meter, I was informed that parking is free after 5pm.


The bar was deserted, save a few bartenders and other staff. I got myself a drink, as I watched the 97 ROCK staff setting up their table. After they finished setting up, I was greeted by a lovely young 97 ROCK staffmember, who signed me in, gave me two free drink coupons, and a sheet of coupons worth various discounts at some local eateries.


After getting signed in, I decided to walk around a bit, and look at this cool-looking, Western-styled saloon of theirs.

-Taking some pictures, of course…

You had to look up to see this first picture of the hood of a racing car, which wisely informed people to "Pace themselves… Drink responsibly".


In the next set of pictures, I was amused to see that, at different places around the bar, there were ladders you can climb up to stand on the bar and "pole-dance". heh heh heh -I'll bet this place gets pretty lively…

97 ROCK Party December 2007 00297 ROCK Party December 2007 00397 ROCK Party December 2007 004

About 15-20 minutes after I'd arrived, people began to show up. 97 ROCK was holding about 10 different parties at the same time as mine, so yeah, there was a few people there!


I had personally invited like 25 people to come. -I put flyers up all over the hospital where I used to work, I invited some bank tellers I knew and I'd invited some of my Physical Therapy staff. I was inviting ANYONE to come. -All they had to do was call me (or e-mail me) to be put on the guest list. Out of the 25 I personally asked to attend, four actually showed up.


97 ROCK Party December 2007 00697 ROCK Party December 2007 008

Pam, a Nurse I used to work with, came with her mother, and two friends of my wife and I: Gary and Sue.

I'm not upset that those I invited didn't come… I wish them a Merry Christmas anyways! It's not every day that I win a party from 97 ROCK (or anyone else) and I just wanted to share it with everyone as like a "Christmas gift".

The Buckin Buffalo Saloon had something here that made their name make better sense:


97 ROCK Party December 2007 00197 ROCK Party December 2007 01097 ROCK Party December 2007 01497 ROCK Party December 2007 016

Yep! -A Buckin Buffalo! People took turns riding it to win tickets to see the SABERS. -Surprisingly to me, more women tried this than men did. I saw only one winner, and it was a lady. It looked like fun! -I wanted to do it, but you know, my back…

Another nice attraction here was, of course, the bartending staff, who wore "Daisy Duke's", cowboy hats and cowboy boots.


These lovely ladies commented to me about how "people think they're sisters". -I could see that. -Especially with the similar hair-do's. What's funny, is that there was a third bartender who kinda looked like them too, even with a similar hair style!

heh heh heh -Maybe it's just the beer…

After having 3 beers, I decided that I had to have a picture of SOMeone on the bar, pole-dancing.


Yep, it had to be me. I couldn't get anyone else to do it… No one else was drunk enough yet…!

If I'd had some more money, and a designated driver, I think I would have enjoyed staying longer than I did. The party was from 5-7. -I got there at 4:30 and I left at 7:30. (-I still had a few errands to run) Had I stayed, I would have been treated to the live entertainment provided by the band "Whiskey River", who wasn't going to play until 8pm.


They said they play Country and Classic Rock. -Bet it would have been great!

Everyone there seemed to be enjoying themselves, and I had a great time too! I definately wouldn't mind partying here again sometime, after I get back to work!

Thank you again, 97 ROCK for this party! -It totally made my day!

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97 ROCK Party!!!!

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This Friday, December 14th, at The Buckin' Buffalo Saloon from 5pm to 7pm.

294 Franklin, Buffalo, NY. -Contact me BY this Thursday if you'ld like to be added to the guest list!!!

(-No freebies if you aren't on the guest list!!!)

2 free drinks and appetizers, and a coupon worth $20 at the Buffalo Chop House for those on the list!

Also, live entertainment!

Hmmmm… -It's Buffalo, NY…. -I wonder who might be there….

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