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Waaaay Too Cute!!!!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on September 29, 2007 by Dark Knightingale

You've GOT to check out my friend Morningberry's post about ET making off with a collectible T-shirt!

Waaay too cute!!!

Also on that page is a place you can feed the digital fish! -You've gotta check it out!!!

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Bonfire Seekers….

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For any visitors here from Indieboys' page, or Shellakers' page, who is looking for "Shellaker's Pyro challenge", from this past weekend…

-It is on this page, but 5 posts after this one.

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“Popcorn”: As Presented At -Plus, A Blast From The Past…

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"Popcorn" was a "leftover" from my 2002 CD "Domestic Violins". -This was never on the CD, but it was created during those sessions. This drum cadence is dedicated to the GREAT influence Mr. Neil Peart, and Rush, has had on my musical creativity… (-I'm SURE that there's no need for me to explain how he IS the greatest percussionist/drummer/lyricist and writer of all time, right?)

This is in NO WAY a challenge, or comparison to his masterful skills. -It is merely a homemade musical tribute that did NOT make use of ANY of his music, but hopefully shows a tribute towards his fantastic style of drumming.

-I called it "Popcorn", because that's kinda what it sounded like when I first made it up.

Date Created:  Feb. 2002, recreated: 9/18/07 (Unable to fit all of that at the Garage)

Lyrics: No lyrics. -This is a drum cadence… D'oh!!!

What's sooo different between, and Vox?

I'm posting the first and second versions of this here, whereas the site only has the 2nd version. -Plus, I can write more here. But, I probably wouldn't have found OR without Garageband first. (-I had told my friend Strix that they could listen to some of my songs at Garageband, and they told me about Vox)

Also only here at Vox: I'll soon be posting a third version of this. From one extreme to the next, then a third part, which was right in the middle. After I do post the 3rd version, I will open all three up for voting again. -Then, you all can vote on which of the three are the best!!!

'Till then, here's versions one, and two, of "Popcorn". BOTH recordings clock in at 2 minutes, 10 seconds long. -They are one of the few short recordings I have posted.

After that, the "Blast From The Past", from 1984!!!

-And no… The surprise "Blast" is not a song of mine. -I just like it a lot. 




Jim Nelson

The "Blast From The Past"?

Russ Ballard's "Voice's", from the original 1984 "Miami Vice" Soundtrack, NOT from the remade movies' soundtrack.


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The Only Way To Achieve TRUE Equality For All… -For Mainmor.

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on September 26, 2007 by Dark Knightingale

Population extermination, and program seeding.

'Till then, we have something called "good nature", brains, and belief that there's a soul in there somewhere…


NM 156

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Movie Of The Day

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on September 25, 2007 by Dark Knightingale

I finally got to see it this morning, and I think it's great! However, I will also say that this would have made a better Part 4, because of the wide gap between the infection at Racoon City and the global destruction they presented here.

Personally, I think they should have picked up right where two left off, and continued the spread of the T-Virus to surrounding cities, and eventually the globe for their part three… -And, develop her new-found powers some more.    (-Don't lie…  ALL of us RE fans, and Milla Jovovitch fans, would have paid to see it!!!) THEN jump into this. -Would have made better sense to me, and made for a better overall story.

One thing I didn't understand… These T-Virus infected creatures hunger for flesh, but don't need to eat… -Shouldn't there be more creatures? The infected birds were fantastic, but I think there should have been more of them too. -Like a constant threat, rather than the one-time threat they presented to us.

One thing I really enjoyed was seeing Las Vegas abandoned, and under a ton of sand. he he he (-I lost about $40,000 there, BUT over a 5-year period of time, and included living expenses. -I know, people have done worse…) Milla Jovovitch's "Alice" is the only one, I can recently recall, that went to Vegas and made a killing!

I think you'll enjoy this movie 'tho. -I did!

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PS: -For Pax And Strix…

Posted in Uncategorized on September 23, 2007 by Dark Knightingale

It wasn't all about the bonfire… -No. There's much more going on up here than that. I noticed ya'all's liking for wines…

-Perhaps Shellakers isn't also aware of the grape-growing industry up here… I took a few pics for ya'all too!


Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 073Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 074Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 075Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 076Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 077


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Response: Shellakers’ Pyro Challenge

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Last week, my friend Shellakers challenged me to make a better bonfire… -And, for some strange reason, I accepted. he he he -She joked, and said we probably didn't have any trees in New York, so I took a few pics for her while on the road.


Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 001Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 062Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 063Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 061

he he he -In the third pic, it looks like my wife, and her sister, is pointing out the trees to shellakers! But really, they were just waving at me.

It took us under two hours to get to my friends' country house. (smiles) Shellakers probably thought I was kidding about his "mini-backyard forest", so I took a few pics from the front.


Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 003Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 004Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 005Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 006

In the 3rd and 4th pics, above, you can see where our fire will be.

Next to his property is what I call "The Blair Witch House", because it's a totally run-down, roof-caving in-sorta "Chainsaw Massacre-looking" house. 😉


Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 007Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 016

You know… -The kinda house that makes you think "Hmmm Shellakers… -Why don't I just light up THIS thing, take a few pics and come home the hands-down bonfire winner"… he he he

Anyways, let's get to the fires, shall we?

These four pictures are the ones Shellakers posted:



That's a pretty nice fire, eh?

-Here's ours:


Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 017Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 018Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 021Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 025Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 026Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 028Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 029


Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 030Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 033Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 045Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 047Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 049Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 053Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 055Me-Sandy-Theresa@Mikes-92207 057

Now, I don't know who had a better bonfire, but we had a great time, and that's all that really matters.

So, now the question is: Should I challenger her at something in return? And, if so, then why? 

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