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Halloween 2007

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Rob Zombie's "Halloween" was pretty much what I expected (more graphic language, more graphic violence) and more.

He spent a little more time developing the story of Michael Meyers' beginning, which is just what this series needed.

I got to watch it last night (Tuesday night 8/28/07)

Without giving any spoilers, I'll say that the nurse's slo-motion murder was a little more drawn out than it needed to be, and it was almost irritating with the sirens going off. Plus, I hated the ending I saw.

However, the version I saw may not be the version they'll be showing this Friday night when it's officially released. I say that because the tv ads are showing some cool clips that weren't in the version I saw.

Outside of that, I enjoyed this.

Now, I'm looking forward to the release of Resident Evil: Extinction, due out next month!

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Why Wait…? -Unfinished Business 1

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Unfinished Business.

-I've been speaking about this song here for a couple of weeks… I really wanted to post a better version of this when it was better done, but why wait? I didn't want anyone to think I was lying about working on it, so I decided to post the "trash track" version I talked about this past Sunday. I knew the remastering process on this was going to be hellish, but it could grow up to be a good song someday and it deserves to be redone!

You might notice a couple of things here… First, you might notice that the harmonic theme from "A Peaceful Storm Warning" carries over into the beginning of this. Secondly, any Rik Emmett/Triumph fans ought to notice that I utilized 32 counts (16 4-count measures of music) from the acoustic guitar part in the middle of Triumph's "Blinding Light Show". -It was not sampled. I actually played it. This was meant to be in tribute to the great Rik Emmett's fabulous musical works, and not as a rip-off.

Nothing on this particular recording is exactly right, but it will give you an idea as to what it is I'm trying to do here. I know I need to retrack everything, so try not to rip me too badly in your comments! 😉 Plus, there ARE lyrics for it, but I decided not to put them on this "trash track" recording. -I will add them when I get the music better together. -There's enough timing problems with this as it is! It's a little bit of a mess right now, but it has sounded worse and overall, it really isn't too terrible!

Note to IB: -I told you this was going to be a difficult song to do!!!  🙂

It will be redone better, and soon, but in the meantime here's the first look at it!

As usual, it's a pretty loud recording, so start with your volume down, then ease in to it.



Unfinished Business 1

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Kansas Concert: Saturday August 25th, 2007

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I'd been looking forward to this concert since I found out they were coming!!!

There was a few people there when I arrived….


I just HAD to get a peek at the mixing board that was going to be used by Kansas…


Very nice, eh? (-Wish I had one…)

I didn't get there early enough to see the 1st band, and I don't even know who it was going to be. (-Shame on me…)

The 2nd band was called "Navigator"


Kansas Concert 2007 010Kansas Concert 2007 011


They were a tight band… I thought they totally sounded like a clone of an early version of Genesis, with a Kansas style of music. (-Hopefully that made sense…) They can be found online at

After Navigator finished their set, I hooked up with a couple of friends of mine. They were hanging out with someone I used to work with… She had her boat docked in the canal, and had a party in full swing. I wound up spending the rest of the concert on her boat with her and her friends, who kept me entertained and drunk through to the end of the concert. I only got a couple of pictures of Kansas… The crowd was so thick, this was as close as I could get.


Kansas Concert 2007 026Kansas Concert 2007 027


I only recognized four of the songs they played: *Point Of Know Return *Carry On Wayward Son *Dust In The Wind and *Elenore Rigby, by The Beatles. I was hoping that they would play "Fight Fire With Fire", "Play The Game Tonight" and "All I Wanted", but they didn't, so I will (Plus, I had to add "Dust In The Wind" too!)  😉



Kansas - Fight Fire With Fire Kansas - Dust In The Wind Kansas - Play The Game Tonight Kansas - All I Wanted

 Here's some pics of my friends, the young lady who had the boat, and some of her friends:


Kansas Concert 2007 017Kansas Concert 2007 029Kansas Concert 2007 021Kansas Concert 2007 033Kansas Concert 2007 039Kansas Concert 2007 040

I had a great time, and these ladies really made it a night to remember! They were totally nice people, and I was glad they had invited me over! I've never partied on a boat before, so this was a real treat! -The lovely blonde in the 4th picture had a VIP pass to meet Kansas! -She got their autographs and a Guitar Pick!!! -Very cool!!!

I got home safely, and went right to work on "Unfinished Business" again. For some stupid reason, I thought I would be able to make do with a couple of my "trash tracks", and just began to add a couple of keyboard tracks to it. It really wasn't sounding so bad after all, but I really need to scrap these tracks and start over from scratch. I know it can sound cleaner that this.

Sorry it took so long to post this, but I was suffering from an awesome hangover today.  😉

Do enjoy!

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“Unfinished” Update…

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I've spent the past three nights rehearsing, and doing what I call "trash tracks" (practice recordings), for "Unfinished Business". Nothing is worthy of posting yet, but the results are promising! The 1st Guitar part, of the original 3, really hasn't changed, but the 2nd Guitar has evolved into a whole new part, which means I may very well use 4 Guitars for this now!

The original recording had: 3 Guitars, 2 Keyboards, 2 Percussion and 2 Voices. It's obvious to me now that this lineup will change!

Stay tuned! -I'll be posting the 1st version of this soon!

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-In Case You Forgot…

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I've thought about things again, and suddenly felt the need to post a reminder for those visitors here who might have forgotton, or just didn't know when they got here…

My songs are songs in the works. NONE of the songs that are posted here (of mine) are a finished product, they are rather a diary of what I'm doing and working on by myself. Anyone who judges things here as "finished products", rather than the diary it is, has missed the point of what it really is that I'm trying to do here.

This is a journey here, not a destination… -At least not yet.

I've never once claimed to have anything here except an aspiration, ok?

My friend, Morningberryz… Thank you for continuing to understand me!!! -You are one of a kind. You will receive something extra from me when I finally send you the finished, and polished CD.

The realization has set in on me. -There is NO WAY POSSIBLE that I'll have a proper CD ready by January of 2008. (I just spent HOW much time on this one song???? -And, it's STILL not done yet????) For those who continue to patiently wait, and follow the story as it happens and goes along…. THANK YOU!!! I'm soooo glad that you've been following what's going on here, and understanding everything!!!

For everyone else, thank you for stopping in at this point in the story, and here's what's going on NOw….

The next song (to look forward to), out of the 14 planned songs for the "Some Things I've Said" CD is a song (also from 2002's "Domestic Violins" project) called "Unfinished Business". NOTHING on it is "done" yet, but I will be posting a version here soon enough, and I hope you will check it out when I get there.

For those of you who DID get the original "Domestic Violins" CD, I hope for this remastering of "Unfinished Business" to be a pleasent surprise for you, and I hope it ROCKS YOUR WORLD!!! -Hang on, it's coming soon enough!!! -ANd, it will be presented here as "works in the making", and as I make it. -Unfinished even…

Do stay tuned!

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A Peaceful Storm Upgrade…

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Wait 'till you hear this!

"A Peaceful Storm Warning" is the song I have been working to DEATH these past few weeks, and it's NOW evolved in to something I'm kinda proud of posting here! (-It STILL isn't perfect, but it's really close… You should have heard the tracks that didn't make it!!!)

This is a VERY LOUD recording… -A "wall of sound" even, as my friend Morningberryz pointed out. (smiles -The more instruments you add, the louder it tends to be.) so please set your speakers at a tolerant level, and enjoy this re-creation-in-the-works' evolution. It has evolved some! (And will again, before it makes it to a CD!) I just wanted you to know what was going on here.

Here are the currently involved instruments, and instrument sounds for this song, for each and every one of these individual, and live tracks. No digital trickery in the songs here, (except for the magic of my Br900 CD that brought all the tracks together as one…) 'cause I can't afford it yet!

1) Yamaha: Grand Piano

2) Yamaha: Violin chord changes

3&4) Yamaha: Violin leads

5) Yamaha: Cello

6) Johnson six-string Acousic/Electric Guitar: Harmonics 1

7) Johnson six-string Acoustic/Electric Guitar: Harmonics 2

8) Fender Stratocaster: 1st Electric Lead

9) Yamaha: Bass Drum

10) Yamaha: Cymbals

All parts recorded and mixed on my Boss BR900 CD, Jet Audio, Musicmatch Jukebox, Time Warner's Road Runner and Vox… -And (of course) done by yours truely. I wish it was perfect, but it is not.

-Man, I need some better gear!!!   -Again…!

Well the nice thing is that this is not available for download, and merely because this is an unfinished work as I'm STILL working on it.

(Don't worry! -I'll get it right someday!)

It now clocks in 2 seconds faster than the previous version I posted for you.

This version is 2 minutes 42 seconds long.

-Enjoy it's evolution!

(Uggg, -you should have heard the 2002 version!!!)


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Back To The County Fair….

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I met a gentleman on the ferris wheel, who had his young son and daughter with him. He expressed a little bit of disappointment at not bringing a camera with him, to capture such a nice night view from 125 feet above the park. Well, I told him I would post some pictures here on my Vox page by "sometime tomorrow afternoon", and went on to tell him a few things about my page…

I told him about the postings of my original music, some concert pics, general chats about various topics, and told him my page was pretty much smut-free and safe for his kids to see as well (except for maybe in some of the comments) and then I wrote out my Vox address for him, and we parted ways. Whether or not he joins our Vox community is up to him, but I do hope he checks out the pictures here… And more!

Anyways, for some stupid reason, it's 3 am and I couldn't sleep… -So I'm posting about it now, while watching "Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid"… -Late-night TV's censored version.

Anyways, here's some good pics I took. -Click on any single picture to see it closer.


State Fair 2007 001State Fair 2007 004State Fair 2007 005State Fair 2007 006State Fair 2007 011State Fair 2007 012


State Fair 2007 013State Fair 2007 016State Fair 2007 018State Fair 2007 022State Fair 2007 028State Fair 2007 032State Fair 2007 047State Fair 2007 050


State Fair 2007 051State Fair 2007 052State Fair 2007 054State Fair 2007 055State Fair 2007 056State Fair 2007 057State Fair 2007 062State Fair 2007 064


State Fair 2007 065State Fair 2007 077State Fair 2007 079State Fair 2007 083State Fair 2007 088

We had a great time, except for when a couple of the rides made my wife puke-sick… (-I joked and said I was going to post THose pics… he he he) Sorry for the sideways pics. -I didn't go through and turn them before uploading them.

Oh hey! -Me and my wife there at the end!

Now, I'm going to re-Noxzema my sunburns…

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