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Some Of The Knightraven Library

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Now, before you get any hopes up too high… -These are five non-perfect recordings of some of my songs, with a few small notes about each of them.

Yeah, NONE of them are perfect, except in my head… (he he he) -I'm just proud to have advanced myself to the level of having a listenable recording of my songs, rather than just having them cooped up in my head.  (-WoW! -I finally have some more space in my brain!!!)

Plus, as usual, they're 100% FREE to listen to. I've ONLY charged people for a hard CD, but NEVER EVER for you to just listen to them. -Some were recorded better than others, meaning some are LOUDER than others… Do start with your volume down, then adjust to a comfortable level.

THEN play it LOUD, and ROCK OUT!!!

I hope you find something you like, despite any mistakes you will encounter. I'm hoping to post something newly recorded by sometime this fall, barring any of the unforeseen difficulties I seem to be having a LOT of nowadays…



This first one is called "Envision", and it's among the FIRST of songs I'll be thinking of re-recording, but mostly because of the major percussion screw-up during the 2nd chorus of this. Despite it's mistakes here, I'm NOT ashamed to tell you that I really like this one! -I look forward to the nice recreation of it.

This is the 5th song from Knightraven's "Senseless Crimes" CD. This song had A LOT of timing problems in it… -Especially in the 2nd "chorus" part. But, I liked it's overall "feel" so I went with this recording. -It seemed that the more I added, the worse it got, so I stopped here.

As a former Nurse's Aide, I worked in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), and the experience obviously spilled into the 1st set of lyrics. This first set of lyrics, all eleven words of it, are as followed: I see you envisioned vision… Envisioned visions of you… Envisioned vision…

I could see a nice recreation of this as a nice thing to add to the background of a nice ad for the recruitment of Nurses in any ICU, but that's just my opinion.

-The MAIN voice part/set of lyrics hasn't been written yet… You are welcome to submit some lyrical/musical ideas towards it's eventual recreation, if you'd like.

(-Serious submissions only please.)

This is on the list of songs I'll be looking forward to recreating, and yes there IS a list!


This next song, "Fixin' To Rain Again", was the first song from the "Senseless Crimes" CD. I think of it as a "Rain-themed Rock Lullabye". There's no lyrics.

-Sometimes the music says it all.

-The feedback, at the end of the song, was supposed to emulate the sound of thunder.







Nevermore 2002

I wrote this piece one month after 9/11, while waiting to hear back from the Red Cross, and to hear from a few places I had applied to, for work. It's one of my favorites, but (as usual) the recording quality isn't so great. -Might be why I let you listen to all of these songs for free… Also, I guess, so that if you hear a nicer version of it in the future, you will know it was me who originally did it.

Heroes are what life makes out of them.

Remember the heroes, all of them.

Quoth the raven, nevermore.




-Ever get the feeling something's about to happen?


How many different ways can someone say "oh"?







See You Tonight

-The last (or most recent, I should say) song done by Knightraven, in November of 2006. This was originally going to be on a CD called "Virtual Kings", but it might be redone, in the future, for a "Library" CD, which I KNOW I'll do someday, barring life…

-My day job keeps me busy…

This one has lyrics.

-There's a third vocal part on this song, and It's been noticed that, whenever I sang "see ya, see ya, seeya", it (kinda) sounded like I was singing "Shelia, Shelia, Shelia". It was unintentional. -Tho it is TRUE that there WAS a woman I knew, and liked in my past, named Shelia… I SWEAR she was only a neighbor of mine, a person I knew from my band classes, and a very lovely, talented and creative individual. -It was NOT intentional for the lyrics to sound like I was singing her name.

-However, this DOES sound pretty kewl to me when I think about it… -I'm beginning to wonder what she's up to nowadays… 🙂

When I went to the Poet's Convention in Washington DC, this past summer of 2005, I could have SWORN that I'd seen her pass by me in the hotel's lobby. -Looked JUST like her!!! Stupid me, for not asking if it WAS her…

-Wish I'd had my camera with me, at that very second…

 I hope you enjoy these songs as I do, and do feel free to talk to me about them. I will reply as soon as possible!

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Happy Birthday To Me!

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If your birthday is on Memorial Day, doesn't it mean that people should remember you every year?

My birthday is today, Traditional Memorial Day. Once every so often, my birthday falls on the celebrated weekend, but not this year. -I always say they celebrate Memorial Day on the weekend before, because they just can't wait to celebrate my birthday!!! (he he he) They even have a parade run directly in front of our house every year! (-See? I AM special!)

I wasn't ever involved with the military, but the majority of my family was. (Yeah, my momma wore combat boots) The Army wouldn't accept me because I had admitted to trying marijuanna "once"… (-I TRUELY thought that my honesty would have counted there…) A pot smoking president is ok here, but not a pot smoking military man. But WE won't go there. -The past is past, and everything's ok now. I didn't really want to be sent to war every other couple of years anyways, and THAT decision had NOTHING to do with my courage.

I'm not much of a "bad guy"  either……!

Back, during 9/11, I VOLUNTEERED to the Red Cross to go to NYC and help with the recovery and cleanup efforts. They ultimately didn't need me, but at least I stood up and offered to help. That's pretty good for any "bad guy"… -Where were YOU on 9/11? -What did YOU do?

Back to my birthday, I asked for, and got, an 80 GB disk drive for my computer, and I haven't had any computer problems since getting it installed… So, I'd call that a good birthday present. I don't ever ask for too much. Usually, when asked what I'd like for my birthday, I tell them don't worry about getting me a gift… -Just bring me the cash you would have spent…

I have no major plans for today. -I have a few friends coming over for a small cookout tomorrow night, and that's about the extent of my "celebrating". Happy Birthday To Me!

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Memorial Day Offering

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Nevermore was created in October of 2001, one month after the 9/11 incident.

One of my favorite songs, in two of the poorest of recordings.

The first is the original 2002 "finished" recording.

The second is the 2006 attempt at it, with less guitar, and the addition of an acoustic piano… -Mistakes and all.

One of these years, I'll redo it more right.



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Spring Cleaning

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There…! (wipes off hands) -Just finished cleaning out my site here, and made some more room!

Don't worry! -There's STILL lot's to read!!!


See You Tonight


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Fixin’ To Rain Again, and…

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on May 25, 2007 by Dark Knightingale

Today, so far, absolutely NOTHING has happened.

-Nothing GOOD, nothing BAD… Nothing from anything happened at all.

I think I'll just do nothing for a little while too.

-It makes for a nice change, at least for a while…, -While at all….


-I should think about redoing these recordings here sometime…

Give them a listen. -As usual, it's 100% FREE to listen to.

Nowadays, I do these musiks because I CAN.

-And NOT because I need to.





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Hurricaine Season Is about To Begin…

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It's that time of year again, when our thoughts turn to the rain…


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Movie Of The Day

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TerminatorTerminator IITerminator III

The terminator marches on, even without Arnold.

Announced on Yahoo News, Sunday the 13th, there will be another Terminator trilogy. (YEAH!!!!) Although Arnold will be unable to be a part of the series, due to conflicts with his job as Governator, he may do the occasional cameo somewhere in the new trilogy. The first is expected to be ready in 2009.

The good news has inspired me to do a marathon of the special editions of the original series. I can hardly wait to see the story's progress!!!

*The Terminator: Special Edition

*Terminator II: Extreme Edition

*Terminator III: Rise Of The Machines -2-disk full screen edition

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