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Movie Of The Day

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Cube 2-Hypercube
Cube Zero

Today's MOVIE OF THE DAY is a sci-fi series, with three parts.


Not for the faint of heart, these movies deal with a handful of people who are placed into a seemingly endlees maze of interlocking cubical chambers which move about, some of which are booby-traped. Without food or water, they move from room to room, searching for an exit without falling victim to one of the various gruesome traps. No one knows how they got there, and no one knows where the exit is.

Part two features an advanced cube, 'tho not as gruesome, where the laws of physics don't apply. (To say much more would ruin the movie for you)

Part three (Cube Zero) is actually a prequel, which blends nicely into part one.

I've had these movies in my library for quite some time now, and I've seen them a few times. (-I like to watch DVD's when theres nothing good on tv, which is pretty often nowadays…) Parts one and three were the absolute best because the stories link together so well, and have the best (and grossest) traps.

Some of the best traps are as follows: One sprays a person with what he thinks is water, but is actually a slow-working chemical which eats away his flesh; Another has a room-sized wire mesh which slices and dices it's victims; Sound-activated spikes, and a room which emitts a noise that makes a body explode.

To properly enjoy these movies, watch them in this order: Cube Zero, Cube then Cube 2: Hypercube.

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Movie Of The Day

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Todays' Movie Of The Day isn't really a movie, but part of a series. (-I'm sure this will happen occasionally here…) My selection was, of course, South Park: Season 9.

Released last week, this season offered us plenty of funnies and the usual level of controversy, ranging from Mr. Garrison's sex change to the now infamous "Trapped In The Closet" episode, which got yanked from Comedy Central (for a short time) for slamming Scientology and poking fun at Tom Cruise, John Travolta and R. Kelly. Isaac Hayes, well known here as the voice of "Chef", quit the show over this episode, which is just sad because it just goes to show how Scientologists just don't have a sense of humor when it comes to their cult. But, considering that 2 of the celebrities they made fun of said nothing about it, Tom Cruise and Isaac Hayes were the only ones who really pitched a major fit about it, so maybe some of them DO have a sense of humor after all.

Also included in this set was the funny "Die Hippie Die" episode, where Cartman is called upon after the town is over-run with hippies who want to hold a week long music festival; "The Losing Edge" where the all of the little league kids try to lose their games so they won't have to spend their summer playing baseball; "Ginger Kids" where the kids dye Cartmans hair and skin to make him think he's got "gingervitis", a "disease" that only red-headed kids "have"; "Bloody Mary" where a statue of Mary begins bleeding, and everyone thinks it's a miracle, and the very funny "Two Days Before The Day After Tomorrow" which pokes fun at the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" and the handling of Louisiana's Katrina incident.

Each season has been a nice addition to my library, and this one is no exception.

I wasn't an "instant fan" of the series. After the release of their "Bigger, Longer and Uncut" movie in 1999, a friend of mine convinced me to "check it out", and I did. I found it to be one of the funniest movies I'd ever seen, and began to watch the series. I can't remember any movie that had ever made me laugh so much, and the series is just as funny.

I'm now, and have been, a BIG fan ever since!!! -My thanks to Trey Parker and Matt Stone for their genius!

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Knew Knightraven Knews

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Studio 2


I posted these pictures for my new friend, Panther.

This is obviously a studio that doesn't have multi-million dollar funding, but it does have pretty much everything needed to create and master a decent CD. I could use a few more things, but mostly all I really need (right now) is a Bass guitar.

I decided to list the music gear that I currently use when recording.



* Black and White Fender Squire Six-String Electric Guitar with Cloth Gig Bag

*Black Washburn Maverick BT-2 Six-String Electric Guitar with Hard Shell Case

*Johnson JG 650-TI Six-String Acoustic/Electric Thin Body Guitar with Semi-Hard Shell Case (not pictured – I don't whoop out MY Johnson THAT easily… he he he)

*Yamaha PSR-E203 Keyboard with Stand – No Carry Case (yet)

*Dynamic Imp-600 Mic

* MTV Mic



*Rebuilt Dell Computer with Windows XP Pro + Windows Media Player 11, Jet Audio and Musicmatch Jukebox

*BOSS BR900-CD Digital 8-Track Recorder

*Fostex X-34 Cassette 4-Track Recorder

*JVC MX-J300 Stereo 3-CD/Dual Deck Cassette Player with Four Speakers (I used to have two of these, but I blew out one of them, now I just make use of the 2 extra speakers)

*Washburn Bad Dog BD8K Guitar Amplifier

*Peavey Guitar Cables

*Monster Cables

*KOSS KTX1 Stereo Headphones

*Ultra Guitar Stands

*Ultra Mic Stand

*Hamilton #400 Music Stand



*Zoom 505 Multi-Effects Processor Pedal

*Fish & Chips 7 Band Equalizer Pedal



*2 Belkin Surgemaster Surge-Protector Outlets

*1 Commercial Electric Extension Cord

*D'Addario XL Electric Guitar Strings

*Dean Markley Signature Series Vintage Bronze Acoustic Strings

*Fender Medium Picks


I hoping to get back into the studio once I'm done with the Chantix. It's been keeping me sleepy and uninterested these past two months. (For those who don't know, Chantix is to help quit smoking) I have one more week of it.

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