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Knightraven Knews

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I discovered tonight that I was able to "nice up" my page at… (dumb musician, right?) Anyways, my spot looks a whole lot nicer now, than it has in this past month.

I'm taking this opportunity to invite EVERYONE to come and take a look at it, and re-watch our 1st video for "See You Tonight". And, as usual, it's FREE to do so!!!!

Just go to, then type KNIGHTRAVEN or DARKKNIGHTINGALE in the search box to find it.

Prefer to listen without looking? -Go to to listen to the MP3's, OR download them 100% FREE. -Anyone interested in a full CD can contact me here, or at You Tube for details.

(Available CD's: "Senseless Crimes" and the "See You Tonight" MP3/WAV/WMA single with the video version included.)

Anyone who DOES go and listen to them, please write to me here and let me know what you thought of the songs!!!!

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Movie Of The Day

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Today's Movie Of The Day is "Amadeus".

This fabulous 2 disk Special Edition Director's Cut features an extra 20 minutes of footage, including the partial nudity scene where Mozart's wife goes to get him a job.

This story, set in 1781 Vienna, has Antonio Salieri maddened with envy because the devine musical gifts he wishes for himself, were bestowed upon the crude, spoiled and childish Mozart. In his jealousy, he decides to rid the world of "God's little instument" by any means necessary.

This winner of 8 Academy Awards has fabulous, costumes, music and acting and should be in EVERY DVD library.

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Movie Of The Day

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Today's movie of the day is "Moving Violation". I don't have a picture of it because I taped it from a cable channel rather than buying it. -I'll get it on DVD someday if I can find it.

This movie is a comedy about a group of people who got traffic tickets and will lose their driving priveleges unless they pass a drivers course taught by two hard-ass, sadistic instructers. They eventually gang up, get back at their tormenters and get their driving priveleges back.

I picked this movie for a reason.

I lost my license, over 17 years ago, for a misdemeanor DUI and I recently decided to go and get it back. I had my drivers test today, and passed.

I wasn't worried.

-With all the idiots on the road nowadays, I KNEW I was getting my license back!

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My RUSH Faves

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on February 16, 2007 by Dark Knightingale
Rush-Fly By Night
Caress Of Steel-2112
All The World's A Stage-A Farewell To Kings
Hemispheres-Permanent Waves
Moving Pictures-Exit...Stage Left
Signals-Grace Under Pressure
Power Windows-Hold Your Fire
Presto-Roll The Bones
A Show Of Hands-Counterparts
Test For Echo-Different Stages
Vapor Trails-Rush In Rio

So excited by the announcement of the upcoming new album by Rush (Snakes & Arrows) I decided to list my favorite songs from every album, with my absolute favorites underlined… Except for one album, which I still haven't purchased. -I'll explain why when I get to it. I listed the songs in no particular order.


From the self-titled 1st album, "Rush": Finding My Way, Need Some Love, In The Mood, Working Man 

"Fly By Night": Anthem, Best I Can, By-Tor & The Snow Dog, Fly By Night, Making Memories, In The End 

"Caress Of Steel": Bastille Day, Lakeside Park, The Fountain Of Lamneth part 3: No One At The Bridge, The Fountain Of Lamneth part 4: Panacea

 "2112": 2112 (all of it), Lessons, Tears, Something For Nothing

 "All The World's A Stage" (concert): Bastille Day, Something For Nothing, Lakeside Park, 2112, By-Tor & The Snow Dog, In The End, Working Man

 "Archives" (re-release of first three albums)

 "A Farewell To Kings": A Farewell To Kings, Closer To The Heart, Cygnus X-1

 "Hemispheres": Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres (all), Circumstances, The Trees, La Villa Strangiato

 "Permanent Waves": The Spirit Of Radio, Freewill, Entre Nous, Different Strings, Natural Science

 "Moving Pictures": Tom Sawyer, YYZ, Limelight, The Camera Eye, Vital Signs

 "Exit…Stage Left" (concert): YYZ, Closer To The Heart, Broon's Bane, Xanadu, Freewill, La Villa Strangiato

 "Signals": Subdivisions, Digital Man, The Weapon, New World ManLosing It, Countdown

 "Grace Under Pressure": Distant Early Warning, Afterimage, The Enemy Within, Between The Wheels

 "Power Windows": Grand Designs, Manhattan Project, Marathon, Territories, Middletown Dreams

 "Hold Your Fire": Force Ten, Time Stand Still, Open Secrets, Lock And Key, Mission, Tai Shan

 "A Show Of Hands": Marathon, Manhattan Project, Red Sector "A", Force Ten, Territories, The Rhythm Method

 "Presto": Show Don't Tell, The Pass, Scars, Presto, Anagram, Available Light

 "Roll The Bones": Dreamline, Bravado, Roll The Bones, Where's My Thing?, The Big Wheel, Ghost Of A Chance


"Retrospective 1&2" -Greatest Hits


"Counterparts": Animate, Stick It Out, Alien Shore, Double Agent, Leave That Thing Alone, Cold Fire

"Chronicles": Greatest Hits

"Test For Echo": Test For Echo, Driven, Resist 

"Different Stages" (concert): Dreamline, Driven, Bravado, Show Don't Tell, Test For Echo, Resist, Leave That Thing Alone, The Rhythm Method, Natural Science

1978 concert: Bastille Day, A Farewell To Kings, Cygnus X-1, Anthem, Working Man, Cinderella Man

"Vapor Trails": One Little Victory, The Stars Look Down, Secret Touch

"Rush In Rio": discussed already

"Feedback": -Haven't purchased yet. I've always liked Rush for their individuality, originality and creativity. I was saddened to see an album of cover songs. -Even MORE saddened to see they didn't cover one of MY songs!!! (-Just kidding!)

I'm TOTALLY looking forward to "Snakes And Arrows", being released May 1st!!!! I'm SURE it will be a nice addition to the library! I don't know for sure, but I suspect the title is a take-off from the Canadian comedy miniseries: "Slings and Arrows".

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Movie Of The Day

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The movie of the day today is "RUSH: Rush In Rio"

This is, by far, the BEST Rush concert I've ever seen… Live or otherwise.

After over 30 years together, they celebrated their 30th anniversary together, and released this EXCELLENT concert, shot in Brazille. Every song, perfectly performed and shot crystal clear, and a bonus documentary disk. When you press "enter" on your remote, at the correct time, it will launch into "By-tor: The Movie" which plays onscreen behind them when they perform the song. Also, if you're able to choose the correct combination, you'll open an "Easter Egg" and be treated to "Anthem 1975".

My favorite performances from this disk were "Natural Science", "One Little Victory", "Secret Touch", "Leave That Thing Alone", "O Baterista" (Neil's Drum Solo), an acoustic version of "Resist" and "La Villa Strangiato".

To the side of this topic, I thought I'd mention that it was announced, JUST LAST NIGHT, that their NEXT studio album will be released May 1st, 2007.

I had been reading about how they had been working on new songs this past year, on Neil Peart's website. So, I've been looking forward to this new release. It's called "Snakes And Arrows", and they've posted (about) a ten second sample of their first single, "Far Cry", at I can hardly wait to get it!!!

I should also mention that their up for another Juno award, this coming April, for their "R30" DVD. -Congrads to the band!!!

Mine @

"See You Tonight" video is posted at video, and -Just type Knightraven

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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Happy Valentine's Day, or for the leery and wise, "Happy Scammin' Time's Day". -Another time of the year for one to "prove" how much they love someone, based solely on the amount of money you spend on them.

Really now… What kind of love do you have if it's based on money? Not REAL love, that's for sure. Love is an affectionate FEELING, remember? Money has NOTHING to do with love, unless all you love is money… Which is evil.

Luckily for my wife and I, we're above all of the hype and BS associated with these money-grubbing scams, and KNOW we love each other. We don't need 900 cards and a ton of chocolate to prove it to each other, which is the way I think it's supposed to be.

We DO like chocolate 'tho… And, being as wise as we currently are, we KNOW we can buy twice as much candy tomorrow when all of this over-hyped, over-priced candy is suddenly 1/2 price or better merely because it's no longer a holiday.

We did like this Valentine's day card 'tho…

-We think it looks like us.

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Movie Of The Day

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Today's Movie Of The Day is "Airheads".

This is one absolutely funny movie that I snatched up the second I saw it on DVD.

These three rockers, calling themselves "The Lone Rangers", (he he he) got tired of their demo tape being rejected at every turn, so they break into a radio station to have them play it. When the DJ and the station manager refuse to play it, they take the station hostage with waterguns.

Being a musician myself, I totally understand the frustration one goes through when their song(s) seems to be ignored. -Although I've never taken a radio station hostage (with or without waterguns) I go through this kind of frustration always. People tell me they like my music, tell me how I'm doing a great job and I should "keep it up" and follow my dreams…, but they don't seem to like it enough to buy a CD. -They don't even ASK about a CD. In fact, no one really seems to take you, or your music seriously unless they've heard your song 900 times on the radio. -Which really kinda sucks. It seems that no one can really like your music until the "Media Gods" (radio, tv, newspapers, music companies, internet) TELL you to like it.

I've always dreamed, wished, hoped and fantasised about having an album (or just one song) just "EXPLODE" over the airwaves, and make a gazillion bucks. (-I've seen WORSE bands do it…) But it seems I'm just destined to dream.

-At least for now…

Check out my MP3's 100% FREE at  "See You Tonight" is the newest one posted there right now. The video version of "See You Tonight" can be found at video and at Just type KNIGHTRAVEN in the search box to find it.

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