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Rubbing Elbows

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Rik Emmett
Cassette autograph
DVD autograph

I got to meet a few famous people. I'm going to tell you about one I "met" in Las Vegas first.

-I was working as a temp in a furniture store, when I noticed a woman walking into the storeroom (where customers aren't supposed to be). I thought it was strange that no one had said anything to her, but since I was just a temp, I wasn't going to say anything either.

-Turned out to be a good choice. After she paid for her purchase, and left, I was told who she was. She was the one and only Gladys Knight. -I didn't recognize her, probably because she was "pip-less" (he he he)

I've met Steve Vai and his whole touring band from the "Sex And Religion" album, in Florida… I got to meet Kip Winger after a Florida show… I met Dee Snider while he was in St. Pete to promote his (then) new band "Widowmaker"… I got to meet the members of Queensryche at a record signing at Peaches Records And Tapes, in Florida, for their "Promised Land" CD… I got to talk to Kevin DuBrow (from Quiet Riot) on the phone while he was a Rock Radio DJ in Las Vegas…(Yeah, that doesn't really count as "meeting", but I thought it was kewl enough to mention) I got to meet Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in Clearwater when they were filming scenes for "Lethal Weapon III"… I got to meet Matthew and Gunnar Nelson (Ricky Nelson's kids) while in St. Pete…

But my favorite meeting was the Father's Day 2004 meeting I had with Rik Emmett (from Triumph) who was here to be a judge for the annual Guitar Festival. These pictures are from that Guitar Festival, the top one being Rik Emmett live… The middle picture was the autographed Promotional copy of his "Absolutely" album. -For those who don't know, Promotional copies are copies sent to radio stations to promote the album. -They're not always very easy to get your hands on. And, the bottom picture is of the "A Night Of Triumph" DVD, also autographed by Rik. The sleeve was too long for my scanner, so the edges were cut off, but you can see the autograph just fine.

I used to have a book that I kept my autographs and pictures in… But, I STUPIDLY left it with one of my sisters, who said she sent my belongings to my mom's house, and they "mysteriously disappeared" back in '96. -I'm STILL pretty ticked about it.

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57 1/2 HOURS!!!

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"Sometimes our big splashes are just ripples in the pool…"

                        -Neil Peart, Rush-Power Windows 1985

Well, I've been smoke-free for 57 1/2 hours so far. -I feel numb and I have a bit of a headache, but I'm sure I'll be fine. Yeah, it's a big deal to me, 'tho maybe not to anyone else. I've been a smoker for 22 years, and quitting has been anything but easy.

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Chantix: Day #25

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      25th day on this stuff, and 1st full day without smoking AT ALL. Well, almost a full day. 22 hours and 50 minutes without a cigarette. NOT A ONE!!! (-Will be 23 hours + by the time I finish writing this…) Along with the chantix, I'm also wearing the 21 mg patch… And, I'll probably wear it for a few more days to help with the withdrawls. I tried to quit smoking before, and the withdrawls were just unbearable. This time, the withdrawls aren't as bad, but they're still bad.

     My eyeballs feel like they're sticking out two feet from my skull, like some Loony Tunes cartoon character… There's kind of a numb feeling in my head while this Nicotine is slowly draining out of me. I slept eleven of the last 23 hours… (awake 6 hours after last smoke, slept 8 hours, up 4 hours, slept another 3 1/2 hours and now up and typing away at this blog.) I'm sure my sleep patterns will continue to be screwy over the next few days, so I guess I'm glad to not have to be anywhere right now.

     I don't fully credit the Chantix and the patch for my progress… ('tho I'd be having more problems right now without them…) I made myself run out of cigarettes, and convinced myself that this HAD to be the end of this. So I'm half-way crediting myself for actually going through with this.

     I have four and a half more days worth of Chantix before I run out, but I have plenty of patches. The New York State Quitline just sent me three more boxes of it. -One box (2 weeks worth) of 21 mg, One box of 14 mg, and one box of 7 mg. The Chantix is NOT free, however… And, at $100 a pop, well, I'd better be cured in four in a half days, eh? Man, they get us coming AND going don't they? Price-gouge us for the "luxury" of smoking, then take advantage of us and price-gouge us AGAIN when we finally decide to quit. -PRObably because "they" KNOW they're about to lose a small fortune from me when I quit.

     I'd been smoking 2 CARTONS of smokes PER WEEK for a while, and at that rate, my figures are like this: 104 cartons per year… $15 per carton (-I get them cheaper at the Indian reservation, and I don't smoke Marlboros) equals $1,560 I spent last year for this "luxury" of killing myself. Hmmm… Now, figure in what I had been spending on beer and weed in the past year…(about $750 on 12 months of beer, and let's say about $480 on weed…) That comes to about $2,790 I pissed away last year. -I guess I could have done worse, but that's still a lot of money. (Think of what I'd have spent if I had been a name-brand smoker…!) -A lot of money I'll have EXTRA this year!!! (Provided I make as much money as I had been making…) More money I could make good use of. -Maybe I'll stick it into some more music gear this year. -We'll see. It's best not to spend money BEFORE you actually have it…

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A couple of choices part two

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Foolin' Yourself - Aldo Nova
Friday Let Me Down - Hall & Oates

Speaking of choices, I decided to post a couple of pieces of music from the albums I mentioned below, + one of my own.

The first one is called "Foolin' Yourself" by Aldo Nova. (From his self-titled debut album-pictured below in first post – I LOVE this song!!!) This album is one of the FEW albums where EVERY song was great, not just a couple of them. Only one song by Aldo Nova ever got played a whole lot, and it was "Fantasy", from this same album. They did play "Foolin' Yourself", a few times, but it just didn't seem to catch on… I don't know why. -I thought it was great, and still is. -Timeless even.

The second song here is called "Friday Let Me Down" by Hall & Oates. (From the "Private Eyes" album, also pictured below + I LOVE this song too!!!) The original release of this album contained two songs which weren't on the major re-release. (-I didn't care for the 2 songs they left off 'tho, so no big deal) The "hits" from this album were "Private Eyes" and "I can't Go For That" (no can do). I liked those, but I also liked a couple other ones… "Did It In A Minute", "Head Above Water" and the one I posted here: "Friday Let Me Down". This is another one I consider to be "timeless" whether anyone else does or not. I think any song I continue to like for years to come is what I consider to be "timeless".

It took me a little while to convert these to a listenable format for you… I took the cassettes, ran them through my 4-track recorder and into my digital 8-track recorder. -Burned them to an audio CD and put them into my computer. From there, I converted them (1st) to a WMA file (not recognized here) (2nd) to a WAV file (Still wouldn't upload here) then to MP3, which finally uploaded here. (whew!) It did lose a little bit of sound quality, but they're still in good shape.

This third song here is one of mine. This is "See You Tonight" by Knightraven. I've mentioned this song many times when posting here… (-It won't promote itself…) This was completed, and posted at this past November, 2006. It's the latest one we've done, and like all the other songs of ours, we like it. The video version of this is posted at -Just click on "video", type Knightraven in the search box, then enjoy! The video version has a 2nd bass line and a fourth voice part not on the version you hear here. (we chose to play it live, without lip-synching but along with the rest of the tracks.) -The sound was recorded by the small digital camera we used, so the sound quality isn't quite as clean as this version is, but it's still a good recording. (-This song sounds a lot better at my Garage Band site. – Address below) -Do check it out, and let me know what you thought of both versions! -And YES…. The "Tonight" line in the chorus of my song IS partially in tribute to the great Hall And Oates, without ripping them off.

I hope you find all of these songs to be as enjoyable as I do!!!

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A couple of choices…

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Audio: Show us cover art or share a track from the first band or solo artist you flipped for. -Submitted by Red Pen, found on Strixaluco's page.

I was raised, mostly, on country and gospel and pretty much FORBIDDEN from Rock 'till about 1980. I "discovered" Rock 'N' Roll while I was in a foster home. I liked Neil Diamond 1st, but when I heard Aldo Nova…. I was like "Neil who?" (sort of – I still like Neil Diamond) I liked everything some considered to be like "wimpy rock" back in the day, and now they're like "classics"… (-Like Hall and Oates)

I got my first copy of Aldo Nova's debut album from a youth leader at church. I played it all the time… (Outside of the foster parents hearing of course)

I "nose-dived" into Rock of all kinds, almost from AC/DC to Zepplin… Except for that screamin' undecipherable noise that somehow managed to pass as music. I just loved almost everything I heard on that rock radio out of Kansas City. -I forget the radio station's call numbers, (-I think it was 106.5) but the call letters were "KCI". That's where I first experienced the big '80's rock and pop… Like Foreigner, Loverboy, Boston, Def Leppard, Styx, Sammy Hagar, Van Halen, etc.

But, in 1981, I received my first major music change. -The radio station liked to do something called "Rock Wars". They would pick two bands, and the listeners would call in and vote for their favorite. They would play one song from the "losing" band, and three songs from the "winning" band. Well, one particular night they put "Loverboy" Vs. "Rush". (-I'd never heard of Rush, so I voted for Loverboy.) Rush CREAMED them with 90% of the votes. They played "Get Lucky" by Loverboy, then they played "Tom Sawyer", "Subdivisions" and "The Spirit Of Radio" by Rush. Rush has been one of my most favorite bands ever since.

Nowadays, when anyone asks me who my favorite band is, well… I have a list, beginning with my own music (of course) Come enjoy some!

100% FREE MP3 listens and 100% FREE downloads: "See You Tonight" is the newest one posted there right now.

The video for "See You Tonight" is posted at

-Just click on "video", type Knightraven in the search box, and enjoy!

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Daily Writing

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My life isn't sooo exciting that I have something kewl to blog about daily… But I do plan to at least TRY to post something here a couple times a week. -I tried the "daily" thing, and I just don't have so much to talk about.

Maybe I'll have more to talk about once I'm driving and employed again.

The only news I have right now is that I finally took my 5 hour driving class this past Saturday (required by New York) and now I can schedule a road test to get my license. -I haven't driven (legally) in over 17 years. (long story)

Knowing my luck, my road test will be on a day where there's several inches of ice on the road, 12 feet of snow and every idiot in town deciding to drive at the same time.

Maybe I'll blog about that someday.

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New To The Library

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My wife and I went to Sam's Club tonight, to purchase our month's stock. (Yeah, we like to buy in bulk and in advance. – Really helps out to have shopped in advance, especially in a power outage and when we get tons of snow.) Well, of course, I went straight to the DVD's. I'm always surprised when I find one that I didn't know was out… Tonight was no exception.

Tonight, I was surprised (and glad) to find "Married…With Children: Season 6" (three disk set). -I had no idea it had been released! (Of course, I have 'em all…) This one had several episodes I really liked, including the visit from (the band) Anthrax, Al makes his own clubhouse and their three-part episode of their trip to England. I'm still waiting for the release of the episodes where (1) Bud is trying to make an exercize video with Mob money and (2) The one where the Bundy's, and neighbors, are videotaped while staying in a seedy motel. I don't know what seasons they came from, but I've narrowed it down to either season 7, 8, 9 or ten. (ha ha ha) Now, when does Season 6 of "Tales From The Crypt" come out?

-I'm sooo ready!!!

Tonight, I also got "Tremors: Attack Pack". (-all four movies in one set) AND I found it for only $12.

Next week, I'm getting "Saw III", which will finish off that collection, and I'm ordering a three-disk set of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which includes "Shock Treatment", Rocky Horror Pt. II.

With all that goes wrong with me, it's nice to have a hobby, or two, that makes me feel better. And, outside of my music, I can think of nothing I'd rather be doing.

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